You’ll be hearing about this on the news tonight


A stabbing occurred today at Hamilton’s Delta High School.

This is my home area of the city. Details are in limited supply at the present time. I will point out that the principal of this high school is one of the best I know in the system. What happened here could easily happen anywhere.

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You’ll be hearing about this on the news tonight

  1. Joey,

    Way back when I went to high school, there was a stabbing at my school – Westmount — as well. This is pre-Columbine, and all the shootings that followed.

    It happened as everyone was leaving school, I was in the auditorium for a play rehearsal. We were told not to leave but not told why. When I finally got out, CHCH was in the lobby (I thought that was kind of cool) but still knew nothing.

    It was not until I got home around 6, my mom informed me of what happened. She heard about it on the radio on her way home from work in Toronto. There were not a lot of details being released.

    The guy that was stabbed wasn’t hurt that bad, but yes, it can happen any where at any time. School shootings may happen more often in the States, but we are not immune to crime at our schools (bullying happens everyday after all).

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