Young researchers head to UBC -

Young researchers head to UBC

Scientists compete for $500 top prize


Eighty-nine competitors from 33 schools will head to the University of British Columbia on Aug. 21 to present their research to their peers and attempt to pocket some prize money at the same time.

Three area universities—UBC, Simon Fraser, and Victoria—came together to offer Rising Stars of Research, a four-day event that will allow students to compete in a poster competition with a top prize of $500. Second place is worth $300, and third place nets $150.
Competitors will present research in health sciences, biochemistry and cellular biology, natural resources and the environment, life sciences and psychology, computational sciences and technology, and physical and earth sciences.

The event is also sponsored by the British Columbia Innovation Council and Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

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Young researchers head to UBC

  1. 18 August 2008

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    In the week in which Canada had not won a single medal at the Beijing Olympics, we learn that the federal gov’t had cut funding to Tafelmusik. The next week when Canada crept up to a level below Belarus, Romania, Cuba and Kazakstan to the accompaniment of multi-page coverage, the axing of foreign affairs travel grants earns a tiny notice on the bottom of page six in the Star. You reap what you sow.

    In 1979 I returned to Canada from Germany with a dr.phil summa cum laude, yet since then I have not received a single Canadian research grant let alone been invited to teach at a Canadian university, despite five books and numerous publications. Unless they are satisfied with mediocrity, I encourage promising young Canadians to get out of this country and never look back. That I survive at all is thanks to VISA @ 18.5 %.

    Neil Moran
    (Edmonton, 1941)

    The Ordinary chants of the Byzantine Mass, 2 vols. (Hamburg, 1975)

    Singers in late Byzantine and Slavonic painting (Leiden, 1986)

    Introduction to early medieval notation (Detroit, 2005)

    Kipling and Afghanistan: a study of the young author as journalist writing on the Afghan Border Crisis of 1884-1885 (Jefferson, N.C., 2005)

    The Origins of Russian Music (to be published in Europe, 2009)

    Aug. 20
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    United States