Your university questions answered -

Your university questions answered


As the first day of school approaches, more and more questions begin to worry the minds of first timers. Here’s a little information to put yourself at ease.


Your university questions answered

  1. hey robyn i was hoping you could help me out.

    So i know mccleans is very informative on student life, cost and facilities that are provided to student- however no where can i find the answers that i need to decide on what university should i attend. Recently i was accepted to U of T Life Science, I was all ready to go but then i was accepted to McMaster’s Bsc double major program. I was hoping you could tell me what is the general consensus of what program is better to attend.
    i would really appreciate this help.



  2. Hey Jennifer,

    When it comes down to it, the “better” program might just be a matter of opinion. My advice to you would be to contact students already enrolled in each program to see what they have to say about the points of interest to you. (If you don’t know anyone personally, you could try contacting students via Facebook. In my experience, students are more than willing to answer questions about their program/school, even if approached by strangers.) You’ll probably get the most honest answers from students. Hope that helps!

  3. can i get admission at canadian universities for graduate(PhD) studies in linguistics with a TOEFL IBT SCORE OF 97? MOST OF THEM SEEM TO REQUIRE A 100 SCORE

  4. @jennifer – if you want more info on McMaster, check out; a student-run website about McMaster. I agree with what Robyn said: the “better” school is a matter of opinion most of the time. However, your opinion on the school shouldn’t be limited on the academics alone, look at the school’s intramural athletics, student union and other extra-curricular activities. You don’t go to university just to learn; it’s the best time for you to learn a variety of skills and start living life as an adult.