“You’re a f*cking imbecile.” Ouch.


Yesterday I received these three e-mails from someone calling themself “dark current” in response to my post, Buck naked in my chemistry class. I’ve decided to share them here, unedited, exactly as they arrived.

To be honest, I don’t really know what to say or what to do with this. But I do know that I didn’t want to be alone with these comments.

P.S. Just because this person claims to be an organic chemistry lab TA at the University of Toronto, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are, of course. They could be anywhere. Or no where.


Subject line: You’re a fucking imbecile

Why are you even bothering to post this? EVERY single chemistry freshman knows this… yes, the millions of them around the world knows what you have just posted.

You might as well make a blog saying that the sky is blue, the ocean is blue, that your blogs are very boring, etc…

The pathetic attempt to rouse excitement when you – get this – use those stupid hyphens is so ironic given the anticlimactic and obvious statements that follows.

Also, the shower heads are not “little” you liar. The amount of water stored and the rate of delivery required to was the chemicals from your body mandates the shower head to be much bigger than your average shower head. My lab has 500 gallons of water ready to flow out of the 25-30 cm shower head should I pull the release.

The only thing you’ve shown in your post is how utterly stupid you are.


Subject line: You’re not getting into med school


I also forgot to mention how many bajillion first year undergrad say they’re pre-med. Just to let you know, there is no such thing as “Pre-med” you’re in the SCIENCE faculty. And just to let you know, it’ll be better if you don’t tell your more senior friends that you’re “pre-med”. Most third year (me) to graduate students just roll their eyes and get annoyed when you call yourself pre-med. Don’t believe me? http://www.phdcomics.com/comics/archive.php?comicid=1081

The drop out rate for first year and “pre-med” students is stupidly high. Statistically, you stand an extremely low chance of actually being in med school… especially since you didn’t even get into health science (easy to gain admittance to)…

Try not to piss off anyone by calling yourself a pre-med and thinking you’re special or something. A retard could call himself a pre-med. And yes, I do sercretly induge in watching premeds tank in the orgchem labs I TA.


“nag their conscience too much.”

Such naivete.

Do you have any idea of the notion of competitiveness? I know people at UT who would sell their mothers for an extra two percent. Sorry, but university is unlike highschool. You’re not going to be graded on absolute performance, but comparative performance. Lots of people would pretend their family members died to get a deferred exam.

PS: you forgot to mention that even being sick requires a note from a doctor to get a deferred exam… or was the whole death thing your way of making this trivial and obvious blog post more interesting?

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“You’re a f*cking imbecile.” Ouch.

  1. Welcome to the Internet, Scott. Nothing else I know of, expect maybe war, will so bring out the best and worst of humanity.

    And while I do enjoy PHD comics (part of the reason I went into grad school), I would rebut to your anonymous, cowardly friend with something from xkcd (here’s hoping the forum system here reads HTML)

  2. The world is full of bitter, frustrated hardened people. Please don’t let these comments sideline you!

  3. Scott, you’re a smart guy but I’ll remind you that the world is full of friendless, pseudo-intellectuals who have nothing better to do than make absolute fools of themselves. You were right to share the e-mails to remind us all that there are idiots, then there are IDIOTS.

    The author is a cowardly weasel for not posting his/her juvenile comments where we could see them in the first place.

    Just in case this person actually is a TA at UofT, I’m tempted to copy this sh*t to the appropriate department there. I could be wrong but I’m doubting that “Dark Current” is using that handle for the first time.

    It frightens me that it’s possible that an ass like that would be allowed to assist students in anything.

  4. Here’s a little comfort to pass on:
    – If a sr. editor at a big wig pub gets yelled at (as we all do, at some point, online or off), you’re in good company.

    Besides, making these comments in email versus comments shows you just how much backbone Dark Current has.

    And another note, I love how DC criticizes your post by calling you a retard, one of the last vestiges of ignorant insults..I hope if DC is in fact who they says they are and does what they says they do, stays inside a locked up research office and far away from real people, who like you (and me) would not be so nonchalant about the small chance of getting naked in front of a bunch of classmates, fire or no fire.

  5. HAHAHAHA lol that is funny. Some people are so narrow minded, hello, its called HUMOR. This guy should try it some time. Its kinda sad they have gone to all that effort to find fault in your posts Scott. You would think that as a third year graduate or whatever they would have better things to do with their spare time.
    And clearly, they are doing science because they couldn’t get into math :P A bajillion? i think its actually spelled SPITEFUL-BITTER-LOSER.

  6. Oh wait, he does have better thing to do with his spare time. Search random science comics looking for evidence against your comments,, learn all about the pressure in emergency shower heads, read your blogs in the first place, and lets not forget secretly indulging in watching premeds tank in the orgchem labs. I wouldn’t mess with him if i were you.

  7. Hi Scott,
    “Dark Current” must have a pretty BORING life if he has nothing better to do then try to bully a very successful 16 yr old premed student. It’s one thing to be jealous of someone else’s life. But to criticize someone and use such foul language for a “Teaching Assistant” shows such poor use of the English Language.Maybe he should get a job at one of those bathroom stores with the way he goes on about shower heads maybe one day he’ll become a full fledged “Shower Head Assistant”.
    Sadly enough people like this exist all over.Just remember that you have a strong fan base and “Faucet Heads”like this are a dime a dozen.

  8. What a jerk! Don’t let him get to you. He’s probably just bitter because he didn’t get into med school.

  9. Hmmmmmm, the recent silence from Dark Current is deafening. Jerk.

  10. Scott, you are either being trolled, or have an extremely jealous, possible med school failure who’s attacking you to feel better about himself.
    Call it a ego boost.

    By the way, for those who do not know. An internet troll is a person who spend’s hours upon hours a day posting controversial and sometimes blatantly stupid things on the internet, hoping to gain some response from you, whether it be good or bad.

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