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2013 Comprehensive University Ranking

Comprehensive universities have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including professional degrees


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2013 Ranking School Last Year
1 Simon Fraser (1)
2 Victoria (2)
3 Waterloo (3)
4 New Brunswick (6)
5 Guelph (4)
6* Carleton (7)
6* Memorial (5)
8 York (9)
9 Regina (10)
10 Windsor (8)
11 Wilfrid Laurier (11)
12 Ryerson (13*)
13 Concordia (12)
14 UQAM (13*)
15 Brock (15)

* Indicates a tie


2013 Comprehensive University Ranking

  1. Where is the UQTR at Trois-Rivières?

    • trois-rivers ? ….SFU has been under valued for years !! .Glad to see them get into the game here ….plus they are a NCAA DIV 2 University !!! . the only one in Canada I believe …

      • What are you talking about?? SFU has been at or near #1 for a number of years!! Have totally been ‘in the game’…keep up.

    • It’s just below Dawson College.

  2. Jay – what are you talking about? SFU has been at or near #1 for a number of years so they have been ‘in the game’ for some time!! Keep up!

  3. SFU , yea rite

  4. Why is Memorial is this category? MUN has a medical school, so should be placed in that category, not this one.

  5. I am glad that Memorial or MUN as it was once known is being recognized for the great job it is doing. Over the years, Memorial Graduates have traveled the world and made vast contributions.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. This HAS to be a complete joke… Because I’m laughing hysterically at these rankings.

  7. Please do not swear on this blog – grow up buddy!

  8. I go to unb and there is no way it deserves to be 4th. Joke of an institution.

    • are you the one who got the fishing scholarship?

  9. Sad to see how my alma mater, Concordia University, can’t get its act together to at least get back into the top 10. The school’s good at spending money, but was never too sharp about working on the quality of their curriculum. No wonder everyone wanted to go to McGill

  10. @unbstudent2. It is sad to see one of UNB’s own student bashing the progress that it has been making over the years. I am affiliated with the UNB community, and this year more than any other, the university deserves to be ranked in the top 5 positions. The people who usually think the institution is a “joke” are those failing or who don’t even know why they are there in the first place.

  11. I went to SFU. Great school. I went to York for law at Osgoode after, what a difference. York is horrible, SFU was great.