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2013 Medical Doctoral University Ranking

Medical Doctoral universities offer a broad range of Ph.D. programs and have medical schools


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2013 Ranking University Last Year
1 McGill (1)
2 UBC (3)
3 Toronto (2)
4 Queen’s (4)
5 Alberta (5)
6 McMaster (6*)
7 Dalhousie (6*)
8 Calgary (8)
9 Saskatchewan (10*)
10 Ottawa (10*)
11 Western (9)
12 Montréal (12*)
13 Laval (12*)
14 Sherbrooke (14)
15 Manitoba (15)

* Indicates a tie


2013 Medical Doctoral University Ranking

  1. I’m trying to figure out why Memorial is in the comprehensive category and not this one. MUN has a medical school.

  2. While Canadians engage in their annual pursuit of debating the merits of Maclean’s latest university rankings, let them not forget that there is a bigger world out there that isn’t letting Canadian universities rest on past laurels. Contrary to what Maclean’s newest ratings portray, University of Toronto is still ranked first in Canada by all three major global rating agencies (ARWU, Times, and QS) in their latest lists, but UofT and most Canadian universities have been falling in the global ranks. It may not be long before they are overtaken altogether by universities in Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and perhaps even China (gasp) – by which time Maclean’s rankings would become something of strictly parochial interest.

    • McGill placed ahead of U of T in the QS rankings (like always).

      • Dear Student,

        Yes, you’re quite right. I stand corrected. In the QS ranking, Mcgill appears at the 18th position and UofT at 19th.

      • I stand corrected. In the latest QS global ranking, McGill took the 18th position and UofT 19th. I have seen the US News and World Report rankings but haven’t analysed the Canadian universities’ placings therein.

      • You do realise that the US News ranking uses data supplied by QS. The US news ranking is the same as the QS ranking.

    • University of Toronto also placed 16th in the world last year, whereas none of the other Canadian universities in this list even came close to that ranking.

      Maclean’s list is misleading and belittles the work of UofT graduates.

      • There are two standards for university ranking: Macleans standard and the standard of the rest of the world.

  3. BC universities have done well of late – I hope that things won’t change if the NDP gets into power, and conditions return to the “bad old days” of frozen income (for six straight years). The ND’ers nearly crippled post secondary, and demoralized nearly everyone (but students were happy with the low tuition).

    • Wow. Perhaps you should go back to university and understand what the NDP really stands for.

  4. All that ‘work’ UWO’s administration has put in to convince us that Western isn’t a party school is going for naught. They had a better ranking when Western didn’t try to be something it wasn’t.

  5. I don’t see any reason why McGill ranks No.1 in Canada…

    • Perhaps you lack a McGill degree . . .

    • As someone who teaches in the US and handles international recruitment for a major research university, then I must assume you know very little about McGill.

  6. The quality of a University Education depend primarily on how good the student is and the teaching and inspirational skills of the professors, particularly in the Department in which the student spends their final few years. The University itself is a distant third.

  7. It’s sad to see that the QC government is so ready to destroy Canada’s best university. How do they not see that it brings importance and prestige to not only QC, but their culture?

    Equalizing opportunity is making everything mediocre. In a world where mediocrity brings you nothing, having 10 of the same things does no good.

    • The PQ government does not even care of these rankings especially if the top school is an English school in Quebec. To the PQ they view it as shameful.

      Now if it was a French school they would talk about it at every occasion. Double standards? Not in Quebec, as long as it is French all is good. Truly a belle province…sad!!!

  8. I find it funny that people care about these rankings which are arbitrary and meaningless at the level of the individual. I agree with Mike Harvey – it’s about how good the student is and the particular professors they end up learning from.

    I went to U of T which generally does pretty well in these things, but since I didn’t go anywhere else, I have no basis to compare it to anything else. I know lots of successful people, and lots of underachievers, from pretty much every Canadian university.

    The really important thing is that generally speaking, the quality of university education in Canada is pretty good, and we don’t have to rely for our professional and academic ranks on a tiny handful of super-expensive schools populated by the already economic elite. (I am a lawyer at a large law firm and as far as I can tell there is zero correlation between which school they attended and how good they are at their job.) Maybe that means we don’t have bragging rights internationally, but last time I checked Canada was stacking up pretty well against most of the world by most measures. Our education system must have a lot to do with that, regardless of which university we are talking about.

  9. Interestingly, Queen’s still ranks in the elite category as to earning of its graduates heads above McGill, UofT and UBC. Hmmm….
    Shouldn’t that be worth something?

  10. Well done to the top 5, Queen’s still rocks!

  11. Who cares about medical schools and the production of practicing physicians. Yes we need them, but really they aren’t a measure of the quality of the university. If you want to look at the production of good physicians take a look at Cuba. You do remember the place that Castro the Commie invented don’t you? The only measure of a research university is the quality of its doctoral programs and the publications by its faculty. To a research university the average undergraduate program is properly an annoyance, and professional schools are simply administrative trimmings.

  12. Im currently doing my medical sciences PhD overseas in Europe and funding all my research out of my own pocket for the materials and microscope usage.

  13. I was accepted by UBC and Western Ontario by their professional schools more than 20 years ago when I did not speak good English.
    However, I was turned down by Manitoba even I went all the way to Winnipeg for the interview. Also, I was turned down by Simon Fraser for their undergraduate program. Now, I have a succesful multicultural clinic and my associates were graduated all over the world. I did not find too much difference even they graduated from McGill, Iran, India, or USA. As long as they have the heart to do their job, they can do it properly.

  14. People get all worked-up about these rankings for nothing. It comes down to you. I have seen people from top schools wind-up being nothing. I have seen people who went to community college become millionaires. School is just a place to get instruction. You have to take those teachings to rhe next level.

  15. MUN not listed, because it’s an atrocious medical school. Who the heck thinks they can institute a teaching facility in the smallest hospital in North America. The Janeway Is like a kindergarten, and the health Sciences centre or what ever it’s called is like a little Ontario or Alberta community hospital. Embarrassing.

    • It’s not a big hospital, certainly, but I don’t know why you think that community hospitals are poor places to learn. MUN students tend to do a lot of rotations at Saint John Regional Hospital which, despite its name, is a tertiary care centre.

      But it’s nice to see Dal at more or less the same level. Would be interesting to know the sensitivity of these rankings to minor changes.

  16. I have a graduate degree from McGill, an undergraduate degree from U of T, and I’m currently studying medicine at McGill.

    Want to know the truth about which university is better?

    No one cares. Except for the annoying and pedantic individuals who will – unfortunately for the rest of us – continue to be petty and insecure for the rest of their lives.

    • @McGillianUofTAllum

      If university rankings don’t matter, one must wonder why you chose to go to McGill and the U of T? Why not Concordia and York?

      • @Wondering Concordia and York don’t have medical schools?

        I agree with @McGillianUofTAllum. I am a graduate student at U of T, and frankly, after taking on crippling student debt to study here because of its “ranking”, I realized I’m smart enough to have figured out how to get a great education just about anywhere. People who rely on the “prestige” of a school to claim some sort of elitism over others are really just irritating. I know many brilliant people who simply couldn’t afford to accept U of T’s notoriously low funding packages when offered much better packages elsewhere. To be honest, I have a hard time thinking I’m much smarter than many of my peers at other universities, especially when I’ll be paying for U of T long after they are finished their PhDs…

  17. I actually went to U of T Mississauga campus purely for proximity, mcgill for grad school because.thats where my supervisor was, and McGill med school was the only one that I had the prerequisites to apply to. So there :)

  18. Only advice is don’t go to U of T for undergrad (except eng and business). Class sizes are atrocious, 1000+ people in your lectures. The university treats you like a number and theres hardly any school spirit. Just look at the “lipdub” video UofT made recently. There are more dislikes than likes and nearly all the comments are UofT students criticizing their own university. If you look at the survey of student satisfaction, UofT is low. Get a post-grad or professional degree there not an undergrad

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