Maclean's 2010 University Rankings -

Maclean’s 2010 University Rankings

Who has bragging rights? Where should you apply? Our annual exclusive has the answers.


Maclean’s marks schools the same way your intro psych professor will mark you. We assess universities on several key skills and then weigh them to find out who is top of the class. The 49 universities we rank are placed into one of three categories to recognize the differences in levels of research funding, the diversity of offerings, and the range of graduate and professional programs.

Medical Doctoral universities offer a broad range of Ph.D. programs and research; all institutions in this category have medical schools.

Rank School Last Year
1 McGill (1)
2 Toronto (2)
3 UBC (4)
4 Alberta (5)
5 Queen’s (3)
6 McMaster (6)
7 Dalhousie (7*)
8 Calgary (7*)
9 Western (9*)
10 Saskatchewan (9*)
11 Ottawa (9*)
12 Laval (12)
13 Montréal (13*)
14 Sherbrooke (13*)
15 Manitoba (15)

* Indicates a tie

Comprehensive universities have a significant degree of research activity and a wide range of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including professional degrees.

Rank School Last Year
1 Simon Fraser (1)
2 Victoria (2)
3 Waterloo (3)
4 Guelph (4)
5 Memorial (5)
6 New Brunswick (6)
7* Carleton (7)
7* Windsor (8)
9* Regina (9*)
9* York (9*)
11 Concordia (11)
12 UQAM (N/A)

* Indicates a tie

Primarily Undergraduate universities are largely focused on undergraduate education, with relatively few graduate programs.

Rank School Last Year
1 Mount Allison (1)
2 Acadia (2)
3 UNBC (3)
4 Lethbridge (6)
5 Wilfrid Laurier (4*)
6 Trent (7)
7 St. Francis Xavier (4*)
8* Bishop’s (11)
8* UPEI (8*)
10 Winnipeg (8*)
11 Saint Mary’s (8*)
12 Lakehead (14*)
13 UOIT (12)
14* Brock (14*)
14* Laurentian (18)
16 St. Thomas (14*)
17* Brandon (13)
17* Ryerson (17)
19 Mount Saint Vincent (19*)
20 Moncton (19*)
21 Cape Breton (21*)
22 Nipissing (21*)

* Indicates a tie


Want to know more about how we rank? Please read, Measuring excellence.

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Maclean’s 2010 University Rankings

  1. i would like to complete my MBA with good university bu i have limited budget around (8000-10000)$ i mean as a start and then i can work and complete the rest of the fees , so can i found a university in Canada will accept me with this details i have 3 years experience in 5 star hotels .

  2. First of all, If you would like to complete your MBA at a good University, it would be a good idea to learn how to use proper grammar, and use proper English.

  3. The very credible rankings of universities on a world scale (from the London Times Higher Educational Supplement), and not using the very misleading and artificial categories of Macleans, comes up with very revealing rankings. Only 9 Canadian universities made it into the top 200 in the world, with OT coming in at #17, and SFU coming in at #199:

    17 University of Toronto
    30 University of British Columbia
    35 McGill University
    93 McMaster University
    127 University of Alberta
    130 University of Victoria
    138 University of Montreal
    193 Dalhousie University
    199 Simon Fraser University

    The top 10 if you are interested:

    1 Harvard University
    2 California Institute of Technology
    3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    4 Stanford University
    5 Princeton University
    6 University of Cambridge
    6 University of Oxford
    8 University of California Berkeley
    9 Imperial College London
    10 Yale University

  4. McLeans should publish a separate ranking list for Engineering universities in Canada.

  5. Very poorly done. Macleans as usual cuts corners. As pointed out by Gregory, the most respected and thorough University ranking system in the world (by the London Times) has a very different take on things.

  6. I graduated in 2001 from U of Lethbridge. I wrote my final exams in December 2001. I pounded the pavement in Calgary and all companies were in their 6 month hiring freeze due to September 11. My GPA was 3.01, majoring in Finance. I also completed the CSC by June 2002. I have never earned a penny in Canada working for any sized company based on my degree.

    But I’m a criminal or doomed to bad credit due to a bad loan?

    I also have never “contributed to the cost of my education.”


    I should’ve worked and tried to build a network…

    Here at SAIT

  7. Here at SAIT, the kids, those under 25, do nothing but talk about their Father’s occupation, bragging about their parents…

    Canada was, is and always will be a neptocracy…

  8. complete bs

    most of these schools don’t even rank in the top 100 in the world ranking.

    ask anyone outside canada about our schools and they’ll give you a blank look.

    the only ones that get recognized are UoT, McGill, UBC, and Waterloo.

    the other schools are ranked wayyy tooo high

  9. The London Times world rankings and the MacLean’s Canadian rankings use different methodologies, so of course they are going to lead to different results. However, the results of the two rankings don’t appear to be *that* much different, particularly if you consider that the difference (in scores) between the 140th ranked and 180th ranked schools in the world is probably small.

    Regardless, do you really need a glossy magazine, be it MacLean’s or the London Times, to tell you that UofT, McGill and UBC are the best schools in Canada? Or that there are 7/8 other solid schools that follow closely behind? The order in which they’re presented is trivial (except for maybe each Principal’s performance pay?).

  10. I agree with NAVID that we shoud know about the ranking of the ENGINEERING universities specially in canada!

  11. Everyone knows University of Guelph is better than UofT and Western…

  12. I am a proud Concordia student. Living in the shadow of McGill isn’t so bad, especially when I walk around and see a university full of life. I was accepted at McGill, and chose Concordia instead to complete my BA (Political Science). When I contrast my experience to date with my counterparts at McGill, I know I made the right decision. Those of them who don’t hate McGill hate the student body. There is a “me me me” mentality, and although I understand that at the end of the day that may be what the “real world” is, I can’t help but smile at the co-operation that I experience on a day to day basis on MY campus. What do I mean? Try walking into the library for some last minute review before an exam. Regardless of whether or not I have spoken to my classmates, come exam time we will have a table, if not multiple tables, of intense discussion on the material. This, or so I’m told, is totally unheard of at a university like McGill where students (so I’m told) care only for personal gain. I brought this up in conversation with a professor the other day, and he said he was beyond proud to hear that this takes place at our university… If we are the leaders, scholars and world of tomorrow… how on earth will we ever know where we’re going if we don’t talk about it? I don’t think that I will ever be in a do-or-fail exam like situation after I complete my education. I will, however, undoubtedly find myself in situations that time and time again will demand quick wit and informed decisions. It is HERE where the information and experiences that I have acquired by student discussions at Concordia will separate me from my McGill counterparts, not the name on the piece of paper hanging in my living room.

  13. Very well said Concordian, glad you made the right decision!

  14. UofT is and always will be the best option.

  15. Don’t be so quick to take the Times Higher Ed. rankings so seriously either – their methodology is in many ways no less suspect or more rational than that used by Macleans.

    Furthermore, to look at individual institutions as monolithic is almost as foolish as taking the Macleans rankings as anything more than an excellent driver for magazine sales. Individual programs at individual institutions have their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Ryerson, for example, isn’t highly ranked, but you’d struggle to find a better school of journalism anywhere.

  16. As a student at UofT I know how much more hard work I have to put in in comparison to students at other universities. Uoft has a system of accepting the best students in the country, but for some reason want to maintain a C average. Students recieving low GPAs at Uoft are your top students at other universities, such as Western or Macmaster.

    It is safe to say that Uoft, McGill, and UBC is the best option in terms of universities out there because every mark that you receive in these universities require blood, toil, and tears. You actually have to put in effort.

  17. I just wanted to say that the times higher education has changed their ranking system from QS to Reuters system in this year 2010…in the times higher education rankings of the past 5 years Mcgill has always ranked 1st in canadian universities and in the top 20s of the world. Now that there is a new system, UofT is suddenly 1st, and mcgill is 3rd in canada! and we’re getting universities like california institute of technology in the 2nd position in the world! so i definitely wouldnt be trusting the times rankings, because they have drastically changed this year. Btw in QS rankings for the year 2010 Mcgill is still number 1…just saying that the different rankings are biased and should not be trusted.

  18. Somebody who knows what they’re talking about says:
    November 14, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    >>”First of all, If you would like to complete your MBA…”

    >>”First of all, If…”


    Perhaps one should follow that which he preaches. “University” should not have capitalised either.

    Regarding the article, most Brits consider McGill to be your best.

  19. These rankings, whether by the Times of London or by Mclean’s, are really meaningless at the undergrad level. Come on, really…if you give me a B student in Physics from Nippissing U. and a B student in Physics from UofToronto or Oxford, is one really going to be better than the others at the end of a B.Sc.? Comparing the curricula from both, I doubt you’ll find much difference. Unless the laws of physics vary geographically from North Bay, Toronto, and London UK. Maybe E does not equal mc squared in North Bay?
    None of these surveys looks at the cirricula and offer us a detailed comparison. And employers really don’t care much about that either. They care about where you went, regardless of crucial relevant information.
    So, it is definitely important to go to a well ranked school to get ahead later. But let’s not kid ourselves about any actual academic superiority of one over another without adequate evidence.

    BA, ’99, Wilfrid Laurier

  20. In response to the completely unfounded notion that McGill students do not study together, I would have to disagree. To generalize about an entire university of over 30 000 students, in that way, is a little ridiculous.

    Some students are very competitive, but I think it is pretty well known that group study is actually beneficial to your and others’ learning and is always encouraged by professors (making group study MORE likely in a competitive environment). I’m not sure who told you that students at McGill don’t study together. Maybe they had a negative experience. However, from my experience whenever I wanted or needed group study it was not difficult for me to find; albeit you might have to ask people since your chances of running into your classmates on campus spontaneously at the right moment is minimal. This I would attribute to the sheer number of students and that most people have very different schedules, NOT because we want each other to fail. Maybe I’m lucky, but McGill has afforded me many opportunities, many if not most of them collaborative. And that refers to both academic and extra curricular pursuits. I experience day to day cooperation at McGill, and so do many others that I know.

    In contrast, I have often found that Concordians have a bit of chip on their shoulder and are just as quick (if not quicker) to judge their fellow students from McGill based solely on the university they go to, (both positively and negatively). Please stop making assumptions about an entire university based on some stories, and about my experience there. I do not pretend to have any idea of what it would be like to go to Concordia, despite the well repeated, irritating stereotypes.

  21. Ryerson has great donuts. Their partnership with Tim Horton’s has been fruitful.

    I heard Queen’s has some pretty good onion rings.

  22. Why, on page 78 of the Universities Issue, has the Apple logo been intentionally “photoshopped” (pasted) on a student’s laptop – and also across a bit of the arm of the student in front of her??? Is Apple paying for this????

  23. In response to McGilligan, the odds of you coming back and reading this are pretty slim to none, I myself only happened to see that I bookmarked the page and was curious to see what others had to say. My intention wasn’t necessarily to generalize, but after reading what I wrote you are very correct to say that it sounds like I have a chip on my shoulder. I mean no disrespect, honestly. Some very good points have been made here, name the one that in the end it really depends on the program within the university and not the university itself. For example, if I wanted to pursue a career as a medical doctor I would SURELY have done whatever it took to get into McGIll medicine. That being said, I’m very happy to hear that there are similar group-work situations going on at McGill, I guess my friends who go there keep to themselves and don’t bother looking.

    In reality, the ‘chip’ isn’t against McGill, it’s no doubt a great school as I believe Concordia is a great school, it’s against a society that cares more about the name on my diploma than the actual education I have or haven’t received. I’m very, very, VERY interested to see some how the future McGill/Concordia relations will roll out. There is certainly some room for great academic collaboration.

    Cheers mate, good luck on finals and thanks for taking me down a peg

  24. Blasted proofreading. Namely the one*

  25. I find it hard to believe that Lakehead U is so far down on the list. Based on Fac of Ed, teacher candidates from Lakehead get jobs over candidates from any other school in Canada.

  26. Everybody knows that the Queen’s and McGill “stamps” are the most powerful and revered in Canada. End of story.

  27. I have a bone to pick with the Torontonian who wrote on November 19, at 4:55. What a load of unfounded crock! The students at my school (which happens to be York) rival the students at UofT in the same programs. In fact, many of my peers are making their way to graduate studies at UofT so I can guarantee you that there are just as many students getting A’s and B’s in my classes as there are in yours. My ta’s up until this point have all been overqualified for the job, people with master’s at least, or doing their phd’s while they teach me. Many of my professors come from highly recognized institutions and have incredible credentials, so I know that even though I didn’t go to the big brother school in town, I’m getting a fabulous education and yes, I have to work for the grades. I don’t sit around and do nothing getting C’s so that I can be one of the top students in my class. it is am embarrassment that one would even make such a claim. The idea of the top grades being awarded as C’s is a high claim for someone who doesn’t even know that the minimum grade to maintain at my institution (at least in my program) is a C+ and that to get into UofT, you don’t have to be the top student in your class. Many of my slacker high school counterparts who averaged low 70’s or even high 60’s depending on the program got in with early admission. Furthermore, based on some of the stories I hear from all of my high school friends who went to UofT (which is about 95% of them), there are problems at your prestigious school too. And some very major ones like scholarship money not being awarded on time or at all for ridiculous reasons. Don’t be so quick to judge. Every school has its problems. Your education is what YOU make it. Don’t let someone else tell you how much your education is worth.
    If an institution really cared about our grades and our success, we wouldn’t have class sizes in the 30’s in our first few years and we wouldn’t be paying one of the top five most expensive undergraduate tuition fees in the country. My class sizes started at 35 in 1st year and dwindled down to 15-20 in 3rd year.
    I would like to see a list that doesn’t lump all the schools in the same vague categories over and over. What about the rest of us who have exclusive degrees that aren’t offered in all schools? My school ranks 9th on the comprehensive list but most of the other schools on that list don’t even offer my major. So how does a person like me, who isn’t interested in the medical profession or law decide? These lists are so glossed over and much too vague to be considered helpful. If you want to go to the most popular schools then this is the kind of list for you. If you, like me, want to make the most of your education and exercise your options based on specific programs and how schools fare in that aspect first and foremost, then unfortunately, this list won’t help you. This list was made for the student who wants bragging rights, not for the student who is concerned with his or her education first and foremost.
    And what about collaborations? I know that York and Ryerson have created some very interesting and promising collaborations for Master’s programs. I only hope that one day UofT will do the same. These institutions have long abandoned their values and appreciation of what it means to be a student and are now only focused on what it means to get your money.

    Please, if you take anything away from what I’ve said, don’t rely on the Macleans article alone to be able to make an informed decision. It is your future, your education, and your choice! The research must be done, campus tours have to be attended, and if possible, student testimonials should be read (no, not those ones you read on the university website).

  28. I love how poeple are up in arms saying that these rankings are too high compared to the rest of the world. These are canadian rankings. Can you not see past that?

  29. It’s hilarious how every faculty member convinces his students that they’re in the best program. Passing the torch of arrogance to the following generations and dividing scholars like you all with ridiculous beliefs. My advice is to concentrate in your studies and refrain from these pointless arguments that will get you nowhere. Get accepted in the University that suits you and excel in your career based on your efforts NOT on the reputation of your University. Good luck

  30. I get a kick out of the constant appendage measuring for this kind of stuff…I’ll let you in on a little secret…I went to Memorial for engineering, I work in Calgary and get paid the same as Engineers who work here with degrees from Waterloo, U of T or U of A….

    Most schools like Med, ENG, Nursing, etc have to pass accreditation to be allowed to teach it in the first place, meaning most of them sit around about the same level if they teach these subjects. The only time this kind of no 1 and no 2 stuff matters is for the individuals specializing far enough to get a masters and Doctorate, otherwise, work experience, interpersonal skills and work ethic will get you the jobs…the piece of paper from the university is only a starting point

  31. I’m currently an undergraduate at Waterloo for Computer Science, and I can tell you that reputations for universities do not matter to prospective employers. If reputation really did matter that much, then only people from UofT, McGill, Waterloo, etc. would have jobs. However, the issue is not the pay. Nor is it the prestige. It’s the fact that I can sleep at night knowing that I went to a better university than you did. I could care less about the pay. It’s the feeling I get, knowing that I will always have 1 up on you. That my university shits on yours. We may have the same job, same pay, but deep down, we all know, society knows, who went to the better school. And it is this very reason why I choose reputation over everything when I pick a school.

  32. Waterloo goose almost had a strong argument, if the first half of the paragraph didn’t completely contradict the second. Did they not teach you about strong argument structure somewhere in that university that shits on mine? Or does your reputation of school alone give you the belief you don’t have to listen in class, so long as you went there.
    Every school will have it’s strengths and weaknesses, basing your school choice upon others ideals doesn’t seem a good way to start the rest of your life.

  33. Everyone want to think that their university is the best. Well, it isn’t. There are HUGE differences–and I say this from 25 years of teaching at universities in three countries. The best faculty (and there is a WORLD of difference) are at the best places, and those places have the best students because it is harder to get in. Stick with the order in the world rankings. Macleans is touchy-feely, as are many of the above respondents.

    The real world rankings:

    17 University of Toronto
    30 University of British Columbia
    35 McGill University
    93 McMaster University
    127 University of Alberta
    130 University of Victoria
    138 University of Montreal
    193 Dalhousie University
    199 Simon Fraser University

    The top 10 if you are interested:

    1 Harvard University
    2 California Institute of Technology
    3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    4 Stanford University
    5 Princeton University
    6 University of Cambridge
    6 University of Oxford
    8 University of California Berkeley
    9 Imperial College London
    10 Yale University

  34. but some competitiveness is subject specific, not university. You could be attending the top program for the subject you’re in, but not be in one of the top universities.

  35. I don’t think I contradicted myself at all. The first part of my paragraph talked about what potential employers look at. The second half, talked about what I look at and the reason behind my decision.
    Furthermore, basing your choice on others ideals is exactly what you want. Let’s be realistic here. Would you honestly base your decision strictly on how much you like the university as opposed to what others think of your university? If it’s the first, then I’m sorry but you’re lying to yourself. Because, according to that logic, I should be at Lakehead where I could be getting stellar grades all the while having the time of my life.
    But no, I’m at Waterloo. Why? Because I know I’ll have the name Waterloo on my diploma, and even though my co-worker may have graduated from Trent, and may also get paid the same wage as me. Whenever someone brings up the conversation of “Where did you graduate from?” he/she will never have the same satisfaction as I do, when I am able to tell them where I graduated from, while they are too embarrassed to even mention their alma mater.
    If you can live with yourself knowing that you got where you are by taking the easier route (going to a no-name university), then congrats to you. But know that society will always have an underlying preconceived notion and judge you for where you graduated from.
    How do I know? Because I judge people who went to no-name universities. And I know that I am not alone as there are plenty others who do so as well. Now understand, that I am not saying this is necessarily a good thing. I’m saying that this is the reality of the nature of things in the workplace and in society.

  36. I realize that Maclean’s takes the number of publications by faculty into account when creating these rankings. However, does anyone know if they take the number of faculty members into account? I.e. Are they simply measuring the number of publications generated, or the number of publications generated per faculty member.


  37. Ranking based on programs would make more sense than this useless ranking of ‘whole’ universities. A medical program in one university cannot be compared to a law school in another and vice versa.

  38. Fatima: The THES world rankings do (given above).

    Ignore the Macleans categories thing, since it is completely artificial. For example, Princeton, easily one of the best universities in the world, would not be in the medical/doctoral category since it does not have a med school (it is actually a very small university only about 9000 student, but 9000 very smart students, not to mention the nobel prize winners teaching your course and supervising your grad work.)

    In all cases, try to go to the best school you can that will accept you, but remember, most of us would have not chance of getting into Harvard. Sigh.

  39. I am planning to do Bachelors of Science as a prerequisite for Medical Schools in Canada. So which University and/or province should I apply for Bachelors so that attending a medical school becomes less challenging!

  40. I am thinking about taking Geology next year and I have been trying to find the best schools for it. Lakehead consistently comes up. I know that it isn’t a very high ranked university and I have read many sites and forums that bash it but is their Geology program an exception?

  41. This debate about McGill and Concordia is pointless, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Like if you wanted to pursue a degree in drama, you’d surely go to Concordia. No one can deny that McGill is more academically focused and Concordia leans more towards the arts, this is not to say that these two are lacking in their respective counterparts. What’s interesting is that faculty from BOTH universisites do research together and work together constantly. In my experience of living in montreal and seeing both, I’d say there more in contact with eachother, than fighting. I mean really…who gives anyways? It’s about what you want out of a university.

  42. the entire conversation about which university is better than the next is a crock. through my own experience and conversations i have had with others at different universities i know a few things for a fact. firstly, there is no such thing as a bad canadian university educational experience. the general course material covered, for most programs, is identical between institutions. while there may be some differences none can be slated as wrong. next, the quality of graduating students actually has very little to do with the specific university. a given graduate would be just as well off going to university a as compared to university b. finally, i know that many of you wont agree with me. this is simply because we are programmed to believe that we made the “right” choice of university. whether it be for pride or a necessity to believe that you didn’t waste all that precious money we all think our school is the best.

  43. Hi everyone,

    Thought I’d share my experience and thoughts as a non-Canadian.

    I’m a student in a top French business school in Paris, and I just came back from an exchange in the US. I have also studied in both an American high school and a French lycee. As far as I can tell, it seems that the UoT is a little bit more highly regarded than McGill in the US. In France however if you ask anyone, they’ll say McGill each and every time, and it enjoys a very prestigious image here. In fact, the bulk of French students have hardly even heard of any other Canadian university. I think this difference between French and American perceptions may simply have to do with linguistical and cultural affinities because objectively, both of these unis play in the same league. As far as other universities in Canada are concerned, in my experience none seem to enjoy the same level of popularity abroad as these two. But that’s just the awareness of the general student population. If you look at international university networks (exchange agreements, research cooperation, etc), you do find that the best unis in France and elsewhere team up with the best in Canada, and that’s where UBC, Queen’s, Alberta etc come in. Hope this helps!

  44. Al (above) wrote: “These rankings, whether by the Times of London or by Mclean’s, are really meaningless at the undergrad level. Come on, really…if you give me a B student in Physics from Nippissing U. and a B student in Physics from UofToronto or Oxford, is one really going to be better than the others at the end of a B.Sc.? Comparing the curricula from both, I doubt you’ll find much difference. Unless the laws of physics vary geographically from North Bay, Toronto, and London UK. Maybe E does not equal mc squared in North Bay?”

    Dear Al,
    If you think that the quality of student, professor, and research facilities at Oxford and Nippissing are similar, you are living on a different planet and, with due respect, are exceedingly —, well, never mind. How many Nobel Prize winner teaching or have been students at Nippissing? Do you even know how smart you need to be to even get an upper 2nd class degree at Oxford?

  45. Can any one tell me best civil engineering universities for graduate studies in canada?

  46. You all are a bunch of snobs (most of you at least, in particular waterloom UofT, and McGill studnets) All of you claim to come from the “best” universites in Canada. If you’re all so smart, then why is all your ignorance displayed by talking through your scrotums rather than the apparent brain that got you where you are? An education, is an education, regardless of where you went for your learning. An institution, is nothing more than an instituion, a mere building with a fancy name to it. I agree with some of you, and disagree with a lot of you people. At the end of your long studies, you still become eligible for a carrer, whether you went to lakehead, and the other dude you work with went to UofT. You all gain degrees, but keep in mind, it’s nothing more than an expensive piece of paper with a fancy name on it. Stupid people get into universities too, good grades mean nothing if you don’t have any common sense. And common sense rules above all in the real world. The true intellect, is the one with both Wisdom and Knowledge. The insitution you go to teaches you the knowledge. Only life experience can teach you the wisdom you need. You can’t gain life experience if all you do is study; you need a good balance of both. I go to York Univeristy, and I love it. The people and the multiculturalism is amazing, and the quality of Eduaction is more than satisfactory. There are tons of opportunities of getting involved with the community, with the abundance of clubs and student organization, allowing you to meet new people, make memorable friends, gain allies, and get references that will look amazing on your resume for grad schools and future job opportunities. I guess the McGill and Concrodia Rivalry is similar to the UofT and York Rivalry, I agree, I mean, comparing UofT and York, UofT students are nothing but snobs. I studied once at UofT’s library, and I noticed no talking or communicationg between students. No group studies, everyone seemed to be keeping to themselves, you could hear a pin drop. While if you study at the York Library, you notice a completely different environment. Group studies everywhere, and theres always at least some noise since York is a social school. Come test and exam time, you can always find someone in your class studying in the library, and this is the best chance to make friends and allies, since it gives the opportunity to help each other, sharing notes, extra online aids (i.e. lectures from MIT on youtube), etc. By helping each other, we learn better, and develop good interpersonal and communication skills that will truly benefit you in the future. I’m not denying UofT’s quality of education, but it doesn’t develop you as a human being, more like a zombie who goes around boasting “Look at me, I go to UofT” and knows nothing of the real world, as they are locked up in the quiet UofT library with no sunshine and their nose up in their books all by themseleves. But hey, maybe some people like this and study better, but why suffer alone, when you can suffer and struggle with your fellow classmates in the same pile of shit you are? It’s just the name, all schools are good; all schools have their benefits and their problems. And it’s just a matter of preference of what school suit your needs best. I hate people who diss other schools, claiming their is better, and I hate ignorant people. I am simply telling the truth and defending all universites out there who get dissed upon. But no one has mentioned this situation before:

    Grad Schools

    Yea, maybe those students at UofT who get C’s will probably get A’s at York, but if you want to get into a good grad program, you’ve totally screwed yourself over in terms of getting a high GPA. Think about it, A York student with 3.8 GPA has a better shot at getting into UofT’s med school, than a UofT student who screwed himself over with the life sciences program, and GPA too low to make the cut. But hey, at least you got the UofT name.

    P.S. This macleans ranking is not legit. It changes every year. For all we know, Lakehead could become top number one dog next year, and McGill ranked last =P Don’t base your decisions on a choosing a good university on a magazine who keeps changing it’s mind all the time. Base your decisions on a school that suits your needs and will help you get to where you want to get to in life. If you want to get into Med School, and UofT and York have the same programs, but one teaches harder than the other, choose York, since it’ll get you the high GPA you need to make the cut. Preference on UofT students is just a stupid rumour, at the end of the day, it’s all about your grades and volunteer experience and references =P

  47. you are losing sight of the fact that it;s canadian universities, not world universities. it’s not meant to be shown on a wworld scale, its only canada ergo the .ca

  48. I went to Laval because my mom’s basement is close by and I can live in it without paying a dime.

    I’m majoring in classics with a minor in archival science. I’m having fun. I’m learning things. My mom’s basement is pretty comfy. Laval may not be a top school, but proximity had a lot more weight in my personal ranking than name recognition.

    I had a 92% average in high school and a hige CEGEP “cote R” as well so I could’ve went anywhere…but why engender more stress than necessary?

  49. -Most people who pursue post-secondary studies will only acheive an undergraduate degree, so why are so many people not paying attention to those rankings?
    -I attend the University of Lethbridge, and have attended SAIT Polytechnic. I can fairly say that many students from other schools I meet (especially U of Calgary) look down upon us because we may not be as prestigous. My classroom sizes are small (30-40 people) and allows for much better discussion and learning. Many of our teachers have come from other post-secondary institutions and comment on the maturity and “real world” attitude most of us have.
    -I have been part of a national new graduate interview program, and have been selected as a management trainee upon graduation for one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, beating many students from these “top ranked” schools. What got me the job is my GPA (3.65), work experience, and soft skills. Employers don’t care where your paper is from, but in fact you have worked hard at something for 4 years and have an aptitude to learn. All companies can teach skills to do a job, but they cannot teach an attitude and personality.
    -Most classes at all Universities are based around a textbook, and many of the same textbooks are used accross Canada, therefore shouldn’t most classes be relatively similar in caliber?

    It is not where your degree is from, but how you sell yourself on your resume and in interviews that will get you a job.

    U of Lethbridge Grad ’11

  50. Wow, some people (or most?) need to get their head out of their asses. I am ashamed to say that I graduated from U of T after Waterloo Goose’s reply. You are proud of a C average because you went to Waterloo? Dude, if you are still in the program you are wasting your money. I had a B- average in U of T and could not get into a Masters program. You know why? Because I lost motivation. I am sitting amongst 2000 students, yes, 2000. The university is proud of the fact that one of their lecture halls can support 750 students at one time. That is terrible. Anyway I changed schools got top grades elsewhere and got into the Masters program of my choice. I fully admit that if you compare me to the top student at waterloo or U of T I may lose to him or her. But I will most definitely beat Waterloo Goose’s ass. In fact I already have because I am in grad studies while he won’t even have a shot because of his low grades. Moreover, compare a top student at Waterloo with MIT and the MIT student will most likely steamroll the Waterloo kid. Get your head of your ass and really think if you are learning anything? Is the name really worth that much to you? If you are working your ass off and still getting Cs but NOT getting demotivated, then more to you buddy. Plow through. But my experience along with my friends’ is that with average grades you are a nobody at that school and that is very demotivating and results in the poorest experience of a so called prestigious university. I hate my experience at U of T. My friends at U of T who graduated a little earlier than me because of the switch, none of them got into med school. We were the top students at our high school. All of us secured 90+ averages. Most of them are now trying to get into pharmacy or chiropractic etc. Screw that! Spend so much money for the U of T name which doesn’t even get you anywhere? Waterloo goose, you feel good inside all you want bro, but you will realize, sooner rather than later what a deep hole you have gotten yourself into.

  51. Okay, well Waterloo Goose, you are the most self-concided individual to post an opinion on the list of comments here. That’s right. I said that your post is all opinion, because beliefs aren’t true knowledge, I’m sure Waterloo teaches that. Or are they too busy shaping employees that are under the sad belief that self-satisfaction of going to a “higher-ranked” university makes them sleep at night. Actually, I like this argument.

    Premise One: Either I care about location and comfort of the setting around the university I attend, or I care about its ranking – (just for laughs I’ll say that the #1 university in Canada is right behind a sewage plant…cause that sounds like a beautiful setting to attend, hell, maybe the smell will legitimately help you sleep at night if you’re so convinced that the ranking of the university will help you sleep at night).

    Premise Two: I care about the location and comfort of the setting around the university I attend.

    Therefore: I do not care about the ranking of a university, I care about the comfort of the setting around the university I attend.

    Now, you must be completely full of yourself. You base your opinion on the notions that these universities have “higher-standards”, and that if you went to Trent, you’d be ashamed of yourself. Fine, granted to you, yourself, as an individual would be ashamed. Yet, employers see the same level of meritocracy within the same degree. That’s like me saying it’s logical to go to Queen’s University for an engineering program, or any at that when it’s more expensive than another university. I do not see any reasonable logic behind that other than the basis of a premise clearly derived from goddamn initution (if you, as the “God of the World” did not know, intution is feeling).

    If your degree is worth more inside of yourself, on the basis of feelings, and it cost more, you have serious issues. Nor does the difficulty of a school really apply to anyones argument. Like, apparently Brock University is a joke. Do you attend this university? Okay, then what are you basing your argument upon. Well, probably apriori “knowledge” – (I put that in quotations to establish the fact that it is not actually knowledge, it is a belief). I was told that Brock University marks really easy, because their admission average is mid-70s (which, cause I know you’re God and all, but that’s 75%+).

    Now, you, being the self-concieted igorant human-being you are, probably won’t last a minute in an interview because of the attitude you present within your arguments. I’d like to see you go to an interview. Oh, and your opponent is a Trent University graduate (because, you know Trent University is so bad – actually, it’s just in a bad location). If you look at Trent University’s employment %’s, I hope you cry and bow down to the idea that your degree is the same, which I know you’ve stated that already. Walk into that interview, and say this; “I went to Waterloo, and I’m better than a Trent University graduate because my school’s ranked higher”. They’re going to look at you and laugh, more than likely, the Trent University graduate is someone whom is a modest, honest individual who didn’t try hard enough in high school.

    Why? Well, this is a poor way to begin a paragraph, but I’ll allow you to assume that my last sentence in the paragraph above is a transition one (which is good, you go to Waterloo, you know what’s up). People who don’t try hard enough in high school can easily get a 75% – 85% grade range if they’re naturally intelligent. These people may not have the averages to get into Waterloo.

    Subjectively speaking, I personally believe that the guy who did nothing in high school, and went to a “lower” ranked university, is smarter than the individual who wasted their life in high school on books. Why? Well, growing up is something you should enjoy, not something you should be thinking about in gr. 12 (well, I’m going to study all day, and I’ll get into Waterloo). Or, if you were a respectful individual in the first place, it’s more than likely that you’re an individual of modesty.

    You fail to present a good argument to the table, when you, yourself even claimed, that by the means of meritocracy, degrees from Trent and Waterloo are the same thing.

    Congrats on wasting your fun time in high school, to get the self satisfaction of getting into Waterloo. When I sit here with the initution, KNOWING, that my degree from Brock University is seen as the same as yours from Waterloo (with the assumption we’re within the same faculty and same degree). Why does my intiution makes me feel good about this? Well, I enjoyed high school, you did not. And in the end our degrees are seen as the same thing.

    People like you are why the Iron Law of Oligarchy is a problem, because people look out for themselves, and screw the majority over because they’re very, cocky, self concieted, and for the most part (based upon inductive reasoning), are egotistical.

    And just because a University is said to be easier, that is not the case until you’ve gone there. So until so, don’t even talk like you have any expertise in that area.

    Have fun jerking it to Pokemon, you loser.

  52. Brock University Student, the sheer supersaturated idiocy inherent in your comment is absolutely mind-blowing. Of course it makes a difference where you go to University, there’s a tremendous difference, why do you think Berkeley and Harvard have so many more Nobel Prizes, Fields Medals Winners, Billionaires, and World Leaders tat have graduated from them. Inversely, in Canada, why do you think McGill and U of T have won Nobel prizes while your glorious Brock University has not. Because, to put in bluntly, smarter kids go to these schools and find themselves with better professors. I’m studying Biomedical Engineering at McGill right now and I had a blast in high school! I probably partied more than you did, and yet I still managed to find time to study and do well in school so I would have a bright future.

    LIving in the moment is important, but considering the future is equally important, thus, your case falls.

    Enjoy your subpar education.

    And please do note that Google, Apple, RIM, and Microsoft recruit from Waterloo, not Brock.
    Sorry to break it to you, his degree is substantially more valuable than yours.

  53. Well, it depends on specific fields of teaching, research and graduate prospect. There is no doubt that, McGill is more specialised in life sci and medical sci, Waterloo is the top IT school in North America even the world. Therefore to tell which is better in general terms are difficult and is typically based on personal idealisms.

    There is apparently no effective comparability between the qualities and value of medicine graduate from McGill and IT graduate from Waterloo, thus, please extend your intuition in to a more particular category of comparisons, but not in a general meaning.

    In my home country, the reputation and comprehensive ranking of an university almost predominates everything as people think a famous university’s graduate are more favoured by employers, and hence the salaries are higher. To be frank, none of the univ in the “Primarily undergrad” category were ever heard here, no offence.

  54. That’s very true, Twung-Iwen, I’m sorry for forgetting to point that out, different universities are very excel at different programs, but all in all, a degree from a Top 3 University is going to look better than a degree from another university, regardless of the department. For example, UPenn in the USA is famous for business (Wharton School), but a Biomed Degree from UPenn is still considered more valuable than a Biomed Degree from the University of Iowa or another “ordinary university.”

    As for rankings, yes, they play a very important role all around the world, and thats why Harvard receives so many more applications than Iowa =)

    All in all though, I still completely stand behind my case that it makes a difference where you get your degree.

  55. Just get a Masters degree. Then no one will care

  56. “…in Canada, why do you think McGill and U of T have won Nobel prizes while your glorious Brock [or Trent] University has not..”

    Law of averages, when a school like U of T has 50 000+ students, and Trent has only 2 500, who will likely have more nobel prizes?

  57. I’m sure you partied more “than” I did. I’m glad you got into McGill, because with those English skills, you should be extremely happy.

    I like pointless arguments arguments. It’s because his or her arguments are actually pointful.

    Get off of your high horse, if we lived in the United States of America, everything you said would be correct. We do not. Therefore, you’re a self-concieted individual.

    Much like I said, to be quite frank. High school students may slack, and that proves nothing of their intelligence. Get off of your wall of fame, and into the reality of things my friend.

  58. “Brock University,” why don’t you call the any top employer of any intellectually related field (law, medicine, business etc.) and ask would they rather have someone from Brock or Harvard. Cutting to the point, employers DO care what university you come from. Why do you think Trent is giving out free tuition for 90%+ students? That’s because they need more smart people so more students would actually apply there.
    Here are the cycles developing:
    1.Smart students go on to become smart professors, smart professors transform smart kids into smart professors.
    2. “Average” students go on to become “average” professors, “average” professors transform “average” students into “average” professors.

    So until your Brock University starts to offer free tuition for 80%+ and huge salaries to professors, then it will only be “average” and will stay “average.”

    Oh, and if you were an employer, and you would not care which university people come from, then good luck with your business.

    Now onto your idiotic replies.

    You blabbered about logic right?
    “Get off of your high horse, if we lived in the United States of America, everything you said would be correct. We do not. Therefore, you’re a self-concieted individual. ”
    Nice argument here. Your conclusion and premise do not relate, at all.

    “Get off of your wall of fame, and into the reality of things my friend.”
    The reality is that you have to accept your university’s place in employer’s eyes.

    I shall make no further attempt to make you change your ways, but I shall end in a story.

    There was once a man who insisted that 1+1=3. He told this to a friend and he was laughed at. So they made a bet: they will seek the truth from a wise man, the loser shall pay $10.
    So they went to the wise man and asked, “Does 1+1=3?” After listening to the man’s persistent blabbering, the wise man says, “Yes, certainly.” The friend was astonished, and paid the man $10. The man happily left with the money. When he left, the friend asked the wise man, “Doesn’t 1+1=2?” “Well, for a price of $10, he shall suffer the consequences for his extreme stupidity.”

  59. You know, I’d enjoy listening to your arguments, except you’re extremely ignorant.

    I had an 83.6% average. You want to know how much I have paid for my tuition? Yeah…. I wish it was nothing.

  60. You’re not that intelligent. My logic was not at all flawed.

    Premise 1: When you live in the United States of America, the university you go to matters.
    Premise 2: The man who values the university, for his self-satisfaction, is more than likely on his high horse.

    Conclusion: I do not live in the United States of America, therefore, the university I go to does not matter. And the man who is saying so is on his high horse.

    Thanks buddy, my logic is terrible…. and I’m really enjoying that free education (in co-operation with “Make a Wish Foundation”).

  61. How insecure are you? I don’t know what form of English they speak where you come from, but ‘more than’ is a very common grammatically correct phrase used to compare two things, and I fail to see a flaw in my statement.
    But go ahead, your attack on my grammar has been a lot more effective than your attacks on my arguments.

    As for U of T having more students, you need to understand that that isn’t the issue, what we’re discussing is the work ethic of the students and their overall quality. U of T also has more students than Harvard, does it make it a better school? No. Has it won more Nobel Prizes? No. (Albeit, U of T is still a top-notch school, but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say).
    Brock University Student, Canada values an education as well, and just the fact that these rankings are published each year and so many people read them (I believe this issue of Macleans is the one that generates the most profit) shows that it obviously does make a difference. Where you got your degree will have a huge impact on your life, North AND South of the Border. I’m not trying to shut down your education in any way, and I respect yourself and your university, all I’m trying to say is that it is absolutely worthwhile to work a little bit harder in high school to go to a better school.
    I hope to go into Medicine after I get my undergraduate degree. I’m very glad I came to McGill now, because a Science degree from McGill is more appealing when applying to Medical Schools than an Undergraduate Degree from a university with less of a reputation in the Sciences, and I’m sure the same will apply in the job market.

    We live in a merit-based society, JUST like the United States of America. People care how well you do your job, what kind of car you drive, where you went to school, it’s just the nature of our world. We have excellent professors at McGill, but they pale in comparison to the Biology professors at other schools like Harvard or John Hopkins, I fully accept that, but nevertheless, I know that my McGill degree will carry more weight in my future than a degree from a lesser institution.

  62. Having read just a fraction of the comments, I suggest everyone call it quits and enjoy the holidays.

    I can only comment on the Business faculty which is where Brock and Waterloo primarily competes. The only comment I have is that Brock, along with only a few other select universities (6 in Ontario, 17 in Canada) have achieved AACSB accreditation. This means that Brock is among only 5% (% may have changed in recent years) of Business schools on a global scale (incl. Harvard, Yale etc) to have achieved such a coveted standing.

    So say what you will about Brock but it doesnt change the facts. (Accredited Instituitions under quicklinks)

    I am a 2010 graduate from the Business program, I am not faculty/staff. I just make it a point to do my home work when selecting universities.

  63. It’s probably not necessary to insult other peoples’ university choices because there are other reasons besides reputation when you pick one (money, for sure…You can say that certain universities have a better reputation but they also offer much more measly scholarships–and a certainly smaller chance of getting those scholarships). While I agree with Carsonist on that employers look at where you’re coming from and that the name makes a difference, I also think Brock University brings up a very interesting point.
    Now I’m not an authority on the international reputation of Canadian Universities but I get the feeling that despite there being a lot of them, having a degree in Canada means a lot less than in, for example, the Ivy League down south. I was just looking at the advice column of Johanna Schneller ( and thought, here’s another Canadian thinking about the quality of education down south… I don’t think Canadian students or professors are lacking in any way in comparison to these Ivy league universities (maybe in funding, though). But we seem just a lot less internationally competitive. =(

  64. As an employer, I can tell you right now the school you go to is irrelevant if you can’t do the job. We judge our applicants on competency, personal character, skills etc. Going to McGill or U of T doesn’t mean squat.

  65. Who tends to be a better-qualified? Johnny, with his degree from Community College, or Bobby, with his Harvard degree?..

  66. I agree with Carsonist and Mark. Employers definitely care about where you come from, of course how useful you are determines your acceptance. Well, you will be learning a lot more from good universities, since they do have better professors, and this would make you more useful.

    Just an interesting observation, Brock University’s attack on Carsonists’ grammar is extremely hypocritical. Never mind proper grammar, which he has made on numerous occasions, he can’t even spell “conceited” right. He has it spelled as “concided” and “concieted.”

    Also, I agree with Mark’s criticism regarding the statement he has made.
    Let’s take a look:
    Original statement-“Get off of your high horse, if we lived in the United States of America, everything you said would be correct. We do not. Therefore, you’re a self-concieted individual.”
    How can one assume university rankings only matters in the United States of America? So whoever thinks that the rankings matter anywhere else in the world is a “self-concieted individual?”
    He has provided absolutely no support for his argument.

    In response to “employer’s” comments, I have to agree. Certainly the person must be able to do that job! But really, who do you think would do a job better naturally, a Harvard graduate, or a Brock graduate? Like Mark said, better universities give students better education, which makes them more capable.
    Employer, I hope you are not a Tim Horton owner, because that would make your argument completely moot. If, let’s just say that you are looking for lawyers for your law firm. Maybe you don’t care which university applicant’s come from; but the people who you select, whom you believe are the most skilled, are the ones who come from a better university.

  67. I have read the whole argument…….
    I am an international student and i have been to canada but soon will be coming to canada for graduate studies, and even i have relatives who study in canadian universities.
    Following are my own views : just reply on this all of you, and tell me what do you think about my opinion.
    1) It does really matter from which university student graduated,which usually many employers see,but to a certain extent,the thing really matters is from where person completed his final degree that is masters degree or P.H.D or any other professional desgination like Chartered accountancy..
    Take the example of Chartered Accountancy , all the provincial institutes of canada for Chartered Accountancy have listed around 30 universities in each province,and all of them contain some courses for entry into Chartered Accountancy program,so graduates of those universities have fulfilled institutes requirement for specific university courses for entry into Chartered Accountancy. And beleive me that list contains University of toronto and other universities which are not even in top 150 universities in canada , but for that institute U of T degree holder and any other really really low ranked university is same…..

  68. And i would like to tell Mark something :
    You said :2. “Average” students go on to become “average” professors, “average” professors transform “average” students into “average” professors ”
    But you are wrong !!
    Its not about University or professors of university who creates extra ordinary students…
    Take the Example of “A level World Record Holder” the Pakistani guy Ali Moeen Nawazish, who got extra ordinary result of getting 22 “A” Grades in 22 subjects in A level,which is very very difficult, and i bet that None of the undergraduate student in HARVARD has got that kind of result,this guy who topped was studying in an ordinary school and was Doing A levels , many people dont even knew about his school , as you say “unpopular institutions” and from No where he was headline in many educational websites , and to tell you he got offers from many best universities of the world including USA,UK,CANADA,AUSTRALIA,E.T.C
    I just want to tell Mark that its all upon students own determination and potential and hardwork ,not the effect of top rated universities and their professors.

  69. I have to disagree with International Student. You cannot list one example or even a few, and apply this to everybody. Yes sure, Einstein didn’t do well in grade school, and he came out great! But that cannot be said for the majority of the students who do poorly.

    Secondly, both of his parents were doctors, the inherent genes would obviously make him smarter than regular kids. Also, another reason for his extremely high grades could be his school. Just from personal experience, I got 99 in grade 12 physics in high school, but in the summer, where the teacher’s don’t really give a damn. If Ali went to a school where the teachers just didn’t really care, this coupled with his natural drive and intelligence, would obviously lead to his high marks.

  70. Just a question, International student? Did this brilliant student end up going to a subpar university, or a top-notch school like Oxford?

  71. Be happy you had the opportunity to gain a post secondary education! Not everyone has that privilege.

  72. “Law of averages, when a school like U of T has 50 000+ students, and Trent has only 2 500, who will likely have more nobel prizes?”

    What about York?

  73. What about Kingston Royal Military College ?

  74. bullshit ranking

  75. I think rankings simply confirm what people generally already know. Obviously sometimes the numbers aren’t exactly right and it sometimes depends which program you’re looking at (ex. Dal is more renowned for sciences more than humanities) but I doubt anybody could reasonably argue they are totally inaccurate.

  76. Went from U Of T to Guelph for my masters, and is either heading back to UfT or UK for my PhD. For me it’s all about availability of funding and program of interest – I don’t give a hoot about Havard ’cause I know I can compete with them. Havard’s just a symbol of wealth, power,intellect for shennanigans – much ado about nothing (who created the Nobel prize, what’s the criteria for determining the winner?). Nelson Mandela, Wangari, and others won for their social contributions.

    I suggest to all you guys; pick your best interest/activity and give 110%,let it be a life changing event, you will be honoured the world over even if you’re from BROCK.

  77. Every year Macleans publishes their University rankings yet they never rank other types of schools like institutes of technology. I graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology, and BCIT’s civil engineering program is the best in the province. BCIT graduates find jobs easily in the Metro Vancouver because their respectable programs are much more intense and industry oriented that your typical university programs. In retrospect UBC civil graduates will find them self lucky if anyone hires them at all not to mention now amidst the downturn in construction in the city. When I decided that I wanted to do environmental engineering i decided to go to BCIT again. My program is intense but it has 100% hiring rate. It is only program in North America according to the industry representatives that offers training relevant to environmental engineering. BCIT is the best place in BC when it comes to engineering and yet you NEVER hear about it in Macleans rankings. Yes I understand that they are ranking Universities and not Institutes but school is a school, and if you will be offering advice to next generations that are about to embark onto next faze of their education you MIGHT AS WELL GIVE THEM INSTITUTE RANKINGS AS WELL…..especially since they are way better that universities.

  78. As a recent grad from medical school, i can assure you that school matters (despite what is stated officially). Unofficially, where you study, who you study with and who teaches you are all dependent on your school. Better Universities, more reputable universities attract harder working, more driven individuals IN GENERAL – picking out exceptions to this rule is not helpful. Being surrounded by intelligent, hard-working individuals is the most underrated aspect of attending a “better” school.

    Brock University Student – I find it absolutely hilarious that you try to point out Carsonist’s grammatical errors when your posts are laced with spelling errors, grammatical improprieties and phrases that you are not clever enough to use correctly. At least Carsonist had the decency to say he respected your university, i simply hope that you are not representative of its student population.

  79. Brock U. Alum. – Are you serious about putting Brock U in the same category as Harvard and Yale? You should be ashamed of even saying that out loud.

  80. … whos the loser, you wrote a whole paper (a very bad one at that) regarding your opinon why your university’s ranking doesn’t matter. Waterloo was the first school in North America to estiblish a faculty of math, and therefore we like our numbers, the most important being #1. Losers take there anger out on msg boards like these trying to refute logic to make themselves feel better, Winners care about numbers and stats. I guess thats why we’re also constantly ranked #1 for future Leaders, so just do what your meant to do; fall in to line and follow, re-assuring yourself you too could be like us.

    ( and i am assuming the quality of the your education doesn’t matter too eh? your basically assuming the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. if the quality of your education is less then mine for example how the is your degree worth the same?)

    jus saying =)


  81. I thought MacMaster would rank 1 in Medical
    surprised U of T is not even on the comprehensive list! wow

  82. Dear Brock University Student

    Students that get admitted to Waterloo have the right to be arrogant. We worked hard to get into Waterloo and I am not ashamed of working hard when I was in high school. You make us sound like some nerds. FYI, some students are intillegent enough to have both a social life and ace their subjects. It shows a level of maturity and intelligence to work hard and think about future when you’re young. The way I see this, you are ashamed of being in Brock and are just trying to make yourself feel better by presenting the argument that you did. Of Course a student that graduated from Waterloo U will have a better chance of getting a job that a Brock University. Stop fooling yourself buddy.

  83. Come on. Waterloo actually has bunch of junk hardware and profs in engineering faculty. We got all those top future leaders, innovative students whatsoever, simply because of all the curriculum such as PDEng, TPM and etc., which are btw purely fancy garbage. Admit this, but so what? I went down to Silicon Valley and found lots of my schoolmates, but barely anyone from other Canadian universities. Who cares about what ranking says?

  84. The guy defending Brock U. is quite hysterical. I do not think anyone in his/her right state of mind would ever question the supremacy of U of T, Harvard or any reputable university for that matter over some noname Brock U or Trent U. Ultimately in life, success undoubtedly depends on oneself. But good universities generally produce a higher percentage of successful individuals. You should not place too much emphasis on the reputation of university you attended but yet it is also something that you cannot ignore because in a real world like the one we are living in right now, reputation is, in many cases, what gets you the job and whether you are able to do it depends more or less on your own aptitude.
    The explanation with probability makes little sense. Simply put, good schools get more funding which they use to attract good professors who design good curriculum based on their own experiences, and on average create a generation of better students and more will want to attend the school in the future. It is a recurring and self-enforcing cycle that cannot be disrupted, unless of course in extreme circumstances (ie. war or anti-university government policy) which are inconceivable any time soon.

  85. there was a person who received a nobel prize in Dalhousie and this university is not quite considered an amazing one. just sayin

  86. Guys, whether you admit or not, rankings have a signaling effect on prospective students and psychological effect on the current student population of these universities. Just focus on you academics and work hard to uplift your respective universities which are all working to contribute to your country.

    All the Best!

  87. I attend Trent U and am not oblivious to its “reputation” :P Although, I would like to say that i would rather graduate with an undergraduate degree from trent with the many business programs that i am engaged in, rather then graduate from U of T or another well respected school with no experience. That being said, unless were talking about significantly superior schools (Mcgill, Harvard, any Ivy business school, Mac) i would rather graduate from an average/less than average school with tons of clubs and school programs on my resume than graduate from U of T or ryersons ted rogers school of management or something with absolutely nothing.

    PS, i dont give a fuck about my spelling, punctuation, or grammer, i know ive made mistakes im too lazy to fix.

    PPS, Brock student, your trying too hard to come off as smart, anyone that has a basic understanding for the english language will notice how stupid you looked trying to put together a totally bullshit statment that took you 5 years to write.

  88. Im currently applying to university for acting because my mother doesnt want me to go to a school for just pure acting.
    I’ve been doing alot of research on what schools have a decent amount of funding and what schools are connected to theatres in their community. Although i know that brock is not considered the best university in the world it actually has a good program for acting, a nice campus and a decent size.
    im a small town girl and it wasnt as overwhealming. also its true that if your planning on doing graduate studies you can always start out at a university like brock and work your way up to u of t or a university that has a better ranking.

    thats just my 2 cents and i did make errors in spelling but because this is a chat and not a paper im just going to leave it.

  89. I have graduated from Waterloo (both B.Math and MMath in CS) 13 years ago, and now I am a Director at Qualcomm in USA. Just to provide some perspective about the discussion between Waterloo and Brock, the only Canadian University Qualcomm recruiting (constantly) is Waterloo. From hiring perspective (I have been hiring CS/Engineering graduates for 6+ years now), University does matter.

    Of course, this kind of general ranking does not give a complete picture. Needs to rank university for each program. IMO, Mathematics and CS programs in SFU is not as strong as Waterloo..

  90. Dear all,

    There is a very depressing quality to almost all of these posts. Despite the varied and numerous claims that the writers make to having received excellent education, their spelling, grammar and punctuation are, frankly, appalling.

    So, those of you going to ‘better’ or ‘worse’ schools, understand that you are almost universally unable to carry on a written conversation with competency.

    What does this say about our supposed University rankings and the quality of Canadian education in general?

  91. UofT is prestigious but if I could go back I wouldn’t do it again. I work my ass off for the marks I get.

    I would much rather go to Brock or York because they are not as good a school (a friggen 70-75 average will get you in) and my marks would be through the roof, with much less work, for medical school (which does not care about which school you go to).

    It’s all about what you want to do with your degree that should determine where you end up going.

  92. Hi, I am interested to take admission in Master of Engineering(ME) in civil engineering,I am interested in construction engineering and management program kindly tell me which universities offer this program in canada.According to my knowledge only Uni.of Alberta and Uni. of New Brunswick properly offer this program.If other universities are offer this program please please tell me…..thanks……

  93. wish i had a degree

  94. 2

  95. Just go to the University of British COlumbia. It is very epic.

  96. If you want to believe that the university you attend does matter, then by all means think as you please. If you think inversely then you are also welcomed too. However, if you fall some where in the middle and are a high school student looking to see what university you want to attend in the future this message is for you. Don’t read or look at the arguments up top they are only going to confuse you further. The university, which you attend, does not matter, however the environment, which you place, yourself will. The program, which you wish to complete, will matter, however the degree you get will not. Each and every university is different on many levels that’s why if you try to compare or rank them you get individuals who disagree. If all universities offered the same programs and accepted the same amount of students and provided the same amount of funding and tuition expectations, then it would be fair to compare them. But I have to say University of Waterloo is a great school and damn straight we work our ***** off to get our marks and fight hard to get good jobs!

  97. Waterloo do not offer construction engineering and management program……British columbia last date is 1st Dec2010.i m too late….please tell me other universities which were offer these program……..

  98. I think it is well-acknowledged that the the university you attend does affect the quality of the education you receive and thus your future career. Otherwise, why would students work so sedulously and and bury themselves in debt to pay for their Stanford tuition? Someone who goes to an Ivy League has a respectability that is not comparable to someone who went to, say, Brock University. There is a reason why to earn a BSc at McGill you need a 91.5% average, while are Brock you need a mere 70%. It is because McGill wants successful, preeminent students to learn from their successful, preeminent professors.

  99. Literally just spent 2 hours reading all these comments… All I have to say is this: 1) Launguage and communication are subjective, thus the grammer nazis are failing hard x9001, 2) If you go grab yourself a doctorate, it really shoudln’t be a problem… You folks ARE smart enough to get a doctorate, right? …After all, you ARE the smartest humans alive… 3) Hiding behind a universities’ name or reputation is no more cowardly than posting these comments anon, and 4)… you’re all going to die anyways… WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE BRO??!?

    Let this be adieu: I’m but a high school student, and just proved im smarter than all you pretencious uni students… suck it haters.

  100. Stop taking this so seriously. We have enough stupid people that aren’t in university, the last thing we need is stupid people IN the universities… We’re all simply fucked.

  101. Good on yea Laughing@pseudointellects, you’re probably the smartest idiot on these stupid comments, for thinking outside the small simplistic box that is the mind of the university student.

    • I just have to say that anyone who can’t express themselves without swearing must severely lack an education, or intelligence. Don’t get me wrong I am not straight edge, but in an immature meaningless discussion about education and intelligence, such as this one,swearing makes you sound uneducated.
      Just like everything else in life, education is what you take from it. University is about so much more than just books; it is a very significant developmental part of your life. I have learned so much more than just factual information from books that I could have googled in a second. When you are 17 and deciding where to go and what to do, do you really know what is best? Do you really know anything? University is about finding who you are and what you want to do….and most of all enjoying your youth.
      If you want to check my credentials I am a 4th year science student at Western and when I applied for my undergrad, I got accepted into every program I applied to, I got into science at McMasters, Queen’s commerce, U of T Science, Western Bio Med Sci, and my favourite acceptance letter was the AEO early acceptance to Richard Ivey’s HBA program. Oh yeah I forgot, I got a 5 on my AP calculus exam in grade 12 so I GOT to Western when I was 18 WITH a credit in calculus.
      Having said that, I picked UWO because it’s a great school and I like to party, I’m a server at the Keg paying for my education, and I have had a great time.
      I don’t know why you are all so concerned with what your University (or lack there of) was ranked on MacLean’s list that changes every year. Apparently everyone missed the course on ‘growing up’.

      • Also, those green individuals who think that getting into Harvard means you have rich parents, and a plethora of connections are missing some critical points about how to get ahead in life.
        The 3 best ways to get ahead in life (especially if you are lacking ‘that thing’)
        1) Money
        2) Networking
        3) An education from Harvard

        So I think those rich 18 year-old kids, with a great network, starting there excellent education at Harvard, already know a lot more about getting ahead in life than any one of those delayed individuals that can’t realize that.

  102. Why do these mature, sophisticated adults pat themselves on the shoulder, once they start ripping up universities that are “below” themselves? It’s the bottom of the intellectual food chain, people. If you graduate from Brock, congrats: you are relatively normal, and if you graduate from Harvard, congrats: you have rich parents, and a plethora of connections to the school… Doesn’t make you “smart” or “intelligent,” just a simple-minded, money-talking DOUCHBAG.

  103. Herp dee Durp, I comment on mcleans’ uni ranking page, duz that maek me a genius?????!??

  104. These so called “ranking” lists are BS. Yes this university has a better reputation than that one… But…. What about the programs? How can a university be graded and given a label in such broad terms? My university (York) has a bad reputation but it offers great Political Science, Business, and Criminology programs, and has great faculty. These lists just further perpetuate stereotypes about certain universities. I don’t think that U of T is as great as it’s cracked out to be. Not because I’m bitter — I had an 88 average in highschool and chose to attend York over U of T because of the distance. U of T seems like a sweat shop to me: the professors and the programs are impersonal to the point where you’re slaving away not for your own education and enlightenment, but for a grade to prove your self worth to yourself and others. It’s sad.

    • Best education, in any situation, is from your peers. In UofT, you have a lot of courses and great peers to work with. What you speak of is pointless. Though if you don’t want to be in Academia and want a high flying career in the industry. I personally would prefer UOIT to UofT, but that were if I wanted Nuclear or Automotive engineering. I’d prefer Carleton to UofT, but for aerospace engineering and architecture. Waterloo to UofT for finance and mathematics. Though, if you’re a research nut, UofT is the place to go.

  105. “I don’t think that U of T is as great as it’s cracked out to be. Not because I’m bitter — I had an 88 average in highschool and chose to attend York over U of T because of the distance. ”

    Considering you need a 90% average at least to be competitive, I’d say you’re bitter.

  106. “if you graduate from Harvard, congrats: you have rich parents, and a plethora of connections to the school… Doesn’t make you “smart” or “intelligent,” just a simple-minded, money-talking DOUCHBAG.”

    I wasn’t aware Barack Obama, Bill Gates, John F. Kennedy, Pierre Trudeau, Ban Ki-Moon, 75 Nobel Prize Winners, and all of the world’s brightest students each year were stupid, simple-minded, money-talking douchebags. Thank you for enlightening us with such a well-thought out, logical, and civilized argument.

    These rankings aren’t the bottom of the “intellectual food chain” as you so aptly put it. However, you sir, are.

  107. “I say just go to the university nearest to you as long as its not somewhere shitty like TRENT (try real education next time) University. AS long as the university is decent, then go for it. PS if you’re a stupid douchebag with a low ass average, TRENT will most likely accept you.”

    Yes. Yes. Indeed little girl.

  108. lol, JFK? how did he get into Harvard, you ask…? Google “JFK harvard application”

  109. University rankings do not matter if you achieve high academics. At the end you attend university because you want to build on a career and as long as you land on your career and you love it then nothing comes into comparison.

    University rankings are and will remain biased until you have heard from every university student in the world. And THAT’S not going to happen.

  110. Well …education is only for the soul! There is no such thing as specialists …not one person has a clue on how things actually work …we all just go to school to learn how to bullshit like the best of them and hope we end up in a higher income tax bracket …which ends up meaning paying more in taxes for assuming roles that hold more responsibility, which in turn causes more stress and anxiety but gives us more shit that we don’t really need …which also needs to be repaired and maintained that leads us back to having no money living pay check to pay cheque …and the cycle continues. What a fuckin Joke! Enjoy your massive debt chumps and hurry up with my mcdonalds order!!!!

    cheers losers!

  111. There’s no program that U0fT offers where the cut off range is 90+ yea fuck

  112. “chose to attend York over U of T”

    The sweatshop helps give it a good rap. I’m 15 years out of University now, and all University is is a boot camp to show you can stick it out. The real work begins when you leave.

  113. @Carsonist

    I think the point he was making was that McGill and Harvard are similar in that wealth speaks louder than academics. I know you’re really angered by his comment, as you seemed to get extremely defensive about your own intellect, but seriously… All of those examples you just gave of graduates just backed up his point, in that, they are all famous; I’m fairly certain that some people who graduate from less wealthy and less popular schools possess as much, if not even more, intellect than those certain people… I think that you, along with the majority of people who feel obligated to protect the university they are attending by commenting about how they are so much smarter than everyone else, are very practical and unidealistic, which, in a way, is very simplistic and pseudo-intelligent. You will never become as smart as you give yourself credit for. Actions speak louder than words, my friend. I now bid you farewell, with a quote:

    “The smaller the mind, the greater the conciet.”
    – Aesop

  114. What is it with these people who feel a need to post about who’s better than who? I mean, cmon, what exactly constitutes a “better” university, just as what exactly constitutes a “smarter” individual? Perhaps we need to trust that people think you are smart, instead of feeling a need to shove it down everyone’s throat?

    @Carsonist, what’s it like getting your diploma from college?

  115. @ Carsonist, confident people don’t write anonymous novels on university ranking pages. I’m not reading your gibberish. I’ve got shots to consume and ladies to seduce. All the best :)

  116. University is an experience, not a competition. If I thought it were, I would compete. I’m attending Guelph, for computer and software engineering, and I freaking love it. I wouldn’t want to anywhere, or be doing anything else. Let’s just face it: there will always be someone out there, who is better, faster, stronger, more attractive, posseses a higher intellect (sorry Carsonist), but if you don’t stop comparing yourself to those people, you’ll never be happy. Just another pretentious university Fag.


    … JFK didn’t graduate from Harvard… LOL just saying. Next time you attempt to outshine those who are smarter than yourself, just remember how wrong and uneducated your comment was.

    You lose. You should probably commit suicide. Acceptance.

  118. Has anyone noticed how @ the top of the page, the caption reads “who has bragging rights? Where should you apply?” … Like, do I even need to explain? No? Fantastic.

  119. Relax people, internet shit talking isnt going to boast your schools reputation. LOOK AT WHAT PROGRAM UR IN before you talk shit about other schools. I know lazy dumbasses in uoft who are in the arts and for some reason a premangement program? LOL i thought uoft was good for business? Why do they even hav a pre management… i guess to steal student’s money. anyway, quit talk shiting about other school cuz your program’s prob shit in x school.

  120. Ryerson is terrible, i just transfered over to st george :) Yippie…. i was in their business program and it was very unorganized.. profs werent serious

  121. Guys,
    Come on, what are all these that i am reading. A big quarrel between and all about the rankings. All the universities have their own qualities and intellects. they will have to stand out there in a particular number. So, what’s problem with you. Do you think that you could live without the use of number, which is almost everywhere in our vicinity? Of course not. MacCleans has done a great job of publishing who is who, u cn refer to the methodology if u are really an extraordianry to understand the mechanism of any research. Just dnt spit over the work some one has carried out, rather ADMIRE!
    Chill Guys!

  122. @loyolalalacrosse

    Engineering Science has a cutoff over 90% for most high schools. When I applied the cut-off was 94%. But yah, Robert is still full of crap, as the vast majority of first entry programs have cut-offs in the 80s.

    @Macleans in general

    So long as Macleans continues to use the same shady BS methodology and rely on skewed self reported statistics, these rankings will be a joke.

    In general too it doesn’t make much sense to aggregate universities in this way. If a school is ranked #1 overall but has a terrible medical program, it’s still not a good idea to go there for med school. The same applies for all other programs too. It makes more sense to at least aggregate data by Faculty.

    Case and point: Waterloo and UofT both have excellent engineering programs, yet because Waterloo doesn’t have a med school it isn’t ranked in the same category as UofT. How is this useful to someone applying to engineering? How does whether or not a university has a medicine program matter to students applying to first entry programs?

    As I said, an utter joke, and I challenge someone from Macleans to actually respond to my comments or better yet contact me and discuss my concerns.

  123. First off, everyone stop flaming Carsonist, he’s had some very valid points, and lets face it, while I for one think it’s total BS, where you get your degree from does matter. As for these rankings, I think they’re the stupidest thing i’ve ever seen, how do you rank something so broad? There’s no real way to do it, and each university is only strong in some departments, and really shitty in others.

    PS, JFK graduated cum laude with a degree in international affairs from Harvard.

    PPS, Carsonist, stop bragging, you’re doing premed, nobody gives a shit about that, they only look at your med degree.

  124. “I’m fairly certain that some people who graduate from less wealthy and less popular schools possess as much, if not even more, intellect than those certain people…”

    lnb, you need to chill out buddy, I didn’t get into Harvard or Caltech or something, I’m not one of those genius people, I’m just saying that they those schools tend to accept more intelligent people than 99% of other schools. I’m not some insane genius, and frankly, I didn’t want to have to throw down a quarter of a million dollars for undergrad, so I stayed in Canada and took advantage of scholarship opportunities we have here that don’t exist for Internationals in the USA.

    Your assumption that the same standard of people go to all schools isnt true though, there were two students in my high school who were absolutely brilliant mathematicians, both placing top 3 in national math contests at some point in Gr10, 11, or 12. They both went to MIT. Our valedictorian went to Columbia. The list goes on and on, better students go to better schools. Am I saying I’m some mad genius? No. I’m no Ivy League Prep Boy, so please don’t get so aggressive. I’m just saying that I understand why they do rankings, and the relative importance of going to a good school.and for the record,

    “… JFK didn’t graduate from Harvard… LOL just saying. Next time you attempt to outshine those who are smarter than yourself, just remember how wrong and uneducated your comment was.”

    JFK did graduate from Harvard..
    He got his degree there, and he’s listed as an alumnus.
    Try using google next time (Y)

    and yeah, its true, nobody really cares about biomed, it pays off eventually though, graduating class last year, a lot of kids did really well on the MCAT and went to some pretty great Med Schools, I’m hoping I’ll be able to pull of a similar result

  125. read the name

  126. Dear Carsonist:

    “… The list goes on and on, better student go to better schools…”

    This is why we are here, is it not? To talk about what exactly constitutes a better “school” or “student.” I would never be so bold as to assume higher grades = higher intellect, perhaps higher grades = higher respect, obedience, etc. The education systems are beyond flawed, nearly as flawed as the Bush Administration was, way back when. And because of this, you couldn’t possibly associate high brain functionality with one’s grades. As for better schools? That’s subjective, I don’t even know why there are rankings in the first place…. @everyone, I wouldnt let these rankings ruin your day.

    “… I didn’t get into Harvard…”

    For the record, I never said anything about JFK’s graduation. That was some clod.
    However, I can honestly say that there’s a reason(s) you didn’t get into Harvard:
    1)Your Parents weren’t wealthy
    2)Your parents didn’t attend the school when they were younger
    3)Your parents don’t know anyone/have any connections to the school.

    As for all of those examples you threw out? They are/have at least 1 of the examples I just posted. Sure, like you said, of course it matters where you graduate from. How you get there in the first place, however, doesn’t, assuming it’s one of the stereotypical, “upper class” schools, with intellectual superiority complexes everywhere you look.

    Of course I can’t say all of this from experience. It’s just my two pecos.

  127. “However, I can honestly say that there’s a reason(s) you didn’t get into Harvard:
    1)Your Parents weren’t wealthy
    2)Your parents didn’t attend the school when they were younger
    3)Your parents don’t know anyone/have any connections to the school.”


  128. I am gay

  129. Does anyone know what a panini is? What’s a panini?

  130. i just have to laugh at this hahaha – i go to university here in Canada and do you not ALL realize that we’re ALL being screwed? WHO CARES what school you go to – no matter what, you’re going to pay WAY too much money for tuition (that increases EVERY YEAR no matter where you are) with no improvements to your education! We experience an average 5 percent increase EVERY year in tuition and do you see a difference in learning? NO – the money that we pay is going into the pockets of the people who are the figure heads of the universities while they tell us that OUR universities are in debt – IN DEBT? how about the thousands of students that are in debt! go on google and check out how much money your university president makes for sitting back and jacking your tuition prices every year.. so honestly people open your eyes and complain about something worth complaining about.. this is a far bigger issue than what school is better than the other and it affects EVERYONE which no one seems to acknowledge.. your university doesnt care about YOU, its a BUSINESS.

  131. I didn’t read your comment, on the grounds that it was far too long and serious. Nobody cares about your outdated idealism.

  132. Read the name Yo.

  133. This is for “axgo.”

    I’d rather go to Canada for my education, than most other places. I invite you to name 5 places that you would rather study, for reasons that are merely economic. Oh, you can’t? It’s cool, some are just born retarded.

  134. I read your comment and if you go to a university in Canada you SHOULD know that half of education costs or more are subsidized (payed for) by the government, which in the states they are not. Before you bitch, read.

  135. Read the name. Again.

  136. These comments are crazy!
    I agree with everyone and anyone who said it’s NOT about the university but about the PROGRAM.
    I applied and have been accepted to go to Carleton next year. Carleton isn’t on any of these ranking lists, but I’m accepted into a specialized degree which only accepts few students yearly, has its own seminar halls and is good Law School prep. To me that is a good program, it’s a program I’m happy about and a program where profs will know who I am because of my small class size.
    Would I rather for to U of T and take a general Art Degree just because this ranking says it’s number 1? Not a chance!! Because taking Art at U of T would mean I’m stuck being a bar code in a class of 300. I’m taking a Bachelor of Humanities at Carleton and I don’t feel ashamed about it just because it’s not on these lists.
    If I do decide to do Law will I want to go to U of T? Most likely yes, because they have a good law program.

    Its all about the program, people! Go to a university that YOU’LL be proud of, not one MacLeans is proud of.

  137. Tuition prices go up 3-5% each year because the standard of living increases 3-5% each year dumb shit. And students in Canada should be thankful for the cheap tuition we pay compared to our next door neighbors in the US. Domestic Quebec students pay 2000 a year for their tuition, Domestic BC students pay 4000 a year, and Domestic Ontario students pay 6000 a year. Try comparing that to a minimum, MINIMUM 15000 tuition cost for the crappiest University/College you can think of in the States that isn’t private. If you want to talk private, double the cost of that and that’s how much you’re paying each year. We would be paying the exact same if it weren’t for Government subsidies. The only thing worth complaining about regarding Canadian tuition fees are the flat fees and ancillary fees in Ontario universities which force on another 1500 in fees (that SHOULD be optional because not everybody wants to be forced to pay $400 for university gym access).

  138. Has anyone seen my pen?

  139. Just to let you all know, I’m the smartest person alive. I dont even need to go to university, because I’m smarter than all of you, and all of your professors. I’d like you all to let me know what its like to be not as smart a me

  140. The University of Toronto is a terrible choice for undergraduates. The class sizes are way too big, the professors are arrogant and do not hide the fact that they rather deal with graduate students or their own research, all the TAs act like they’re professors, and the receptionists at the registrar offices are about as helpful as a poke in the eye. The cost of tuition coupled with the cost of living in Toronto was also exorbitant. Worst money ever spent. @undergrad, I wish I could have had a class with only 300. Of the 5 courses I took, the smallest was 400, the largest, 1200.

  141. carleton has the best architecture program

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  143. Okay, so while I agree where you go to university can matters to some degree, I still don’t think it’s set in stone.

    If you have heart, know exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it, you don’t have to go to one of these “top ranked universities” to do it. And lets face it: do we really need some biased magazine to tell us what universities they think are the best based on some convoluted and totally BS ranking system? I think not.

    It’s doesn’t have to be about the university. It can be about the individual and what he/she does with his time and efforts at a certain institution. Sure, it may be better to shine at a place like U of T than at Guelph but that’s because U of T may have more resources and research available for students.

  144. UBC for the win! Thank you Macleans for publishing this article, to show students the differences. I appreciate the breadth of your rankings. Keep doing the great work you’ve been doing!

  145. I did my undergrad in Guelph and Masters at Manitoba…Guelph is highly underrated..there research is world renown… I’m sure there ranking would blast through the roof if they got a Medical school.

  146. sweetheart,

    The fact that four years of undergraduate education did not teach you the difference between their/there/they’re does not speak well for your university.

  147. Can everyone just take a deep breath for two seconds?!?! You are all right!!!(well most). While a universities reputation plays a huge role for when you leave and go into the real world, it is mostly its rep for certain programs that will help you go places. For example, Waterloo has an outstanding engineering program and math program. And since these programs play a large role in the business world, they have a better overall ranking. But if you wanted to go into an accounting program, Waterloo wouldn’t be a very good choice. So therefore you would likely attend McMaster or Laurier. Ans when a business goes to look at your application for an accountant, and you are tied with another possible applicant with say an 85% average, the McMaster applicant would most likely get the job, even though Waterloo has a higher overall ranking. I am another example. I have just been accepted to Waterloo for Geography and Aviation and also Seneca for its university degree flight program. I am choosing to go to Seneca because its flight program is highly renowned in Canada and they have many connections in the aviation industry;such as Air Canada and Jazz. AND I PROBABLY HAVE A WAY BETTER CHANCE OF GETTING A GOOD JOB RIGHT OUT OF COLLEGE AND DO WHAT I LOVE THAN I WOULD HAVE IF I GRADUATE FROM WATERLOO!!!
    Lastly, these rankings aren’t complete bullshit. Many universities us this to strive and become a better learning facility. And stop chirping each other through these posts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s whats so great about living in the Great White North!!!

    Like the great Will Ferrell once said, “Everybody Love Everybody!”

  148. It’s not your degree/school, its what you do with it.

  149. I am currently going to Manitoba and although its 15th, I think its best choice I made as an international student adjusting to Canada in terms of costs and accommodation. One would think we must be all be slackers since our university ranks last but I meet really intelligent people here, and apparently we’ve got the most Rhodes scholars in western Canada. What I guess I like the most is that your professors are really the nicest people and you can really get to be friends plus they do their best to help you succeed at your courses.

    It’s Friendly Manitoba

  150. I just have to say that anyone who can’t express themselves without swearing must severely lack an education, or intelligence. Don’t get me wrong I am not straight edge, but in an immature meaningless discussion about education and intelligence, such as this one,swearing makes you sound uneducated.
    Just like everything else in life, education is what you take from it. University is about so much more than just books; it is a very significant developmental part of your life. I have learned so much more than just factual information from books that I could have googled in a second. When you are 17 and deciding where to go and what to do, do you really know what is best? Do you really know anything? University is about finding who you are and what you want to do….and most of all enjoying your youth.
    If you want to check my credentials I am a 4th year science student at Western and when I applied for my undergrad, I got accepted into every program I applied to, I got into science at McMasters, Queen’s commerce, U of T Science, Western Bio Med Sci, and my favourite acceptance letter was the AEO early acceptance to Richard Ivey’s HBA program. Oh yeah I forgot, I got a 5 on my AP calculus exam in grade 12 so I GOT to Western when I was 18 WITH a credit in calculus.
    Having said that, I picked UWO because it’s a great school and I like to party, I’m a server at the Keg paying for my education, and I have had a great time.
    I don’t know why you are all so concerned with what your University (or lack there of) was ranked on MacLean’s list that changes every year. Apparently everyone missed the course on ‘growing up’.

  151. Also, those green individuals who think that getting into Harvard means you have rich parents, and a plethora of connections are missing some critical points about how to get ahead in life.
    The 3 best ways to get ahead in life (especially if you are lacking ‘that thing’)
    1) Money
    2) Networking
    3) An education from Harvard

    So I think those rich 18 year-old kids, with a great network, starting there excellent education at Harvard, already know a lot more about getting ahead in life than any one of those delayed individuals that can’t realize that.

  152. >”So I think those rich 18 year-old kids, with a great network, starting there excellent education at Harvard”


  153. @Everyone

    You’re all going to die anyways. Why is this @ the top of you to-do list(s)?

  154. Hurr de durr, my university is better than your university, I would know, Macleans said so!

  155. @ Athiesm

    God Exists. You can’t disprove his exsistance. There’s no such thing as constant time, so there couldn’t have been a beginning. Unless a God was around to do so. There’s more evidence toward a god than there is toward not being one.

    Oh? You think I’m wrong? Prove it, pseudointellects.

    • God does not exist because if God does exist then God would help you realize that you do not know how to spell.