University Rankings 2017

Here are Maclean’s university rankings for 2017


For the 2018 Maclean’s university rankings, go here. The full package, including the real cost of an education, will be available on Thursday Oct. 19.


    University Rankings 2017

    1. Would be nice if you could include all universities in the rankings (i.e., what about Mount Royal, MacEwan, and so on? — those two have been universities since 2009).

      • Tim Haney above statement, good point !

      • Those two (Calgary! Alberta Phew) jumped-up colleges are not members of the proper associations as the old guard Unis.
        Despite their “name” no one else thinks of them as universities, doncha’ know.e

        • Actually,MacEwan was initially affiliated with the University of Alberta (#5) and in some programs, the degree students fed in to the U of A after year two at MacEwan for the purpose of doing 2 more years and gaining a degree. The same with Mount Royal and the U of C. Then those two colleges plus ones like Grande Prairie got 4 year degree granting status for a number of programs.
          These comparisons are interesting because different provinces and even different universities have different requirements for different programs. For instance, The University of Calgary has made education a 6 year program. Lethbridge has made it a 5 year program and I believe the University of Alberta has made it a 4 year program. Physio-therapy in Alberta is a post degree masters program at the University of Alberta. This is not the case in other provinces. Some provinces have 3 year degree programs.

    2. I find it strange that the rankings include private schools like Native Education College in BC but not publically funded universities like King’s, Concordia, or Ambrose in Alberta.

    3. It’s all a game for Rogers Media.
      Will it change with the new (widely to be ignored) Monthly Maclean’s?

      It sells a few thousand more copies and a separate book-a-zine. But the pre-cursor US News and Weekly Report College and University rates is widely disparaged and becoming invisible.

      Yawn, no one cares. Only Ontario and Quebec go to schools outside of their hometown.

      • Every rural high school graduate goes to university outside their own home town.

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    5. Perhaps a list of prestigious businesses that, for a pretty penny, will produce a counterfeit degree indistinguishable from the real thing.

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