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Disqualification reversed for Concordia student election winners

Second-place team remains disqualified, neither slate will have expenses reimbursed


The team that won March’s Concordia Student Union election will take office after all.

Two weeks ago, the chief electoral officer disqualified all the candidates from the two main slates, accusing them of multiple election rule violations. On Wednesday, the student union’s judicial board overturned his decision to disqualify the members of Your Concordia, which won the executive along with a majority on council, according to board chair Bella Ratner.

The Your Concordia slate had received harsh criticism from elections chief Oliver Cohen, who banned members of the group from running in CSU elections for two years.

However, the board did uphold Cohen’s decision to disqualify the Action slate, which won nine of 29 council seats and one of four student seats on the university’s senate.

The board also upheld Cohen’s decision not to reimburse the slates for election expenses, over allegations of over-spending.

A full judicial board report will be issued next week.

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A small number of independent candidates also stood in the election, however all of the positions were won by members of the two slates.


Disqualification reversed for Concordia student election winners

  1. Does anyone know why neither slates get their money back? I mean, if YC won, and is not DQed, there must be a reason to not reimburse them…?

  2. Does this mean only YourConcordia slate members will be in office? What about the positions where Action candidates won? Will their constituents just not be represented? and how is there supposed to be democratic debate on the council etc when only one of the parties is allowed to be in office?

    I’m not saying this as a supporter of either party but I simply believe in elected representatives getting to hold office. This whole thing seems very strange to me!

  3. My understanding is that the people who currently hold the positions which were won by Action candidates will remain in office until a byelection in November.

    I’ll be doing another post when the CSU judicial board releases their report.