Does the military belong on campus?

Our student panel has their say


Recently, a group of University of Toronto students have been petitioning the university ban the Canadian Forces from recruiting on campus. This is a topic that frequently arises at universities. Some opponents of recruitment object to a particular military deployment, such as in Afghanistan, or object to the military altogether. Because the Forces exchange tuition for service, they may be seen as exploiting low income students.

We asked our student panel for their view.

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Does the military belong on campus?

  1. While I don’t recall ever seeing the Canadian Forces recruiting on campus, I would like to raise a few points.

    1) Yes, it is true that the military may subsidize your studies, but your military service will be dictated by a 2:1 ratio (2 months of service per month of subsidized studies). This is CLEARLY mentioned on their website. Moreover, your summer job is already set.

    2) The Canadian Forces should be treated as any other employer. The infantry is only a fraction of all the available careers. They provide jobs for pharmacists, social workers, engineers (etc.) and can introduce students to work opportunities that they did not even know existed.

    3) Students on their way to complete (or with a completed) university degree are eligible for officer positions (instead of the military ranks), which further invalidates the belief that the army is all about the infantry and sending people to war.

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