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Hey Jennifer Peto, it’s your brother, leave grandma out of it

Holocaust education is ‘racist’ thesis becomes a family affair


Jennifer Peto’s master’s thesis that argues certain Holocaust education programs are “racist” has become a family affair. In a letter published in the National Post, brother David Peto takes issue with his sister dedicating her thesis to their grandmother, and with her assertion that if their grandmother “were alive today, she would be right there with me protesting against Israeli apartheid.”

Brother Peto writes:

My sister is simply wrong; our grandmother would have been entirely opposed to her anti-Israel protests.

Our grandmother had a tremendous impact on my life, and her memory continues to be a source of strength and inspiration to my family. My daughter is named after her, and we pray that she will emulate her namesake. I cannot in good conscience allow my sister to misappropriate publicly our grandmother’s memory to suit her political ideology.

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Hey Jennifer Peto, it’s your brother, leave grandma out of it

  1. again macleans descends to the trash tabloid level – newsflash, this isn’t campus news. it’s gossip.

  2. Macleans will stoop to any level to spew out their ideology and gossip. Macleans cannot recognize “racism” if it hit them in the face, that’s why they published that article about there supposedly being too many Asians on Canadian campuses: “Too Asian” was their headline.

    I wouldn’t even click on that National Post link and give that tabloid page hits. Macleans can take comfort in that it ranks just below the National Post in the “who can sink the lowest” category of Canadian “journalism” – National Post wins that hands down.

    By the way, many Jewish people and organizations have denounced Israeli policies and human rights abuses, including by not limited to: Jewish Voice for Peace, Naomi Klein, Avi Lewis, Jews Against the Occupation, and Noam Chomsky.

  3. Hey Carson Jerema, it’s not your family, it’s none of your business, and taking sides in personal family disputes in a public forum is unprofessional and ludicrous.

  4. @ Josh,

    Who’s taking sides? I have no knowledge of the Petos’ grandmother and never said I did, nor do I anywhere side with either sibling on the politics of their grandmother. And, if this family dispute is in the public forum, it is because David Peto put it in the public forum.

  5. You didn’t read the byline or the subject of your blog post? Doesn’t seem like neutral “reporting” – of course, one wonders why it was necessary to waste bandwidth by expounding on this irrelevancy further. Is this news?

  6. OK ease up. This issue is 100% in the public forum. I read large parts of her thesis, including the entire section on March of the Living. It’s filled with lies, inaccuracies, unverified statements, and abhorrent research. It barely qualifies as a 100 page rant, let alone a Masters thesis.

    She writes in her first-person intro that “as a part-time student, she doesn’t really have time to interview people”. She based her research on anti-Israel bias websites and the March of the Living website and photo albums! She ignored every part that didn’t suit her idea! There is nothing scholarly about her work. It was approved since her supervisor shared her political agenda.

    I read her dedication, and she uses it as a form of inspiration for her diatribe against Jews and this so called white people victimization. After reporting on the Peto issue earlier, since it is very much a campus/academia story, this is an interesting follow up which I see no problem with the posting.