Is your university preparing you for work?

Our student panel weighs in


Last week, we released our Sixth Annual Student Issue and the focus this year was on how universities prepare students for the work world. We asked our student panel how well their schools prepare them for post-graduate employment. As with previous entries, all videos will be archived on our You Tube channel.


Is your university preparing you for work?

  1. Personally I don’t feel that universities are doing a great job preparing students for ‘real jobs’ in the ‘real world’ at all and are much better at convincing students to take on huge debt loads spread over the course of 4-5 years.

    #1 a university degree could be done easily in 2 years if time was better spent, my third and fourth year course load was a joke.

    #2 Unless you’re looking to go back into the system and be a prof or a researcher, a degree in sciences/arts etc… does very little to prep a student for a real job.

    I have a Bach of science and ended up going to trade school to fix vacuum cleaners just to pay rent. Student loans wants 500 a month, I’d like to know where they think they’re going to find it!

    Think long and hard before starting a university degree!

  2. ^ Agreed. I’m in school full-time and still I find I learn more outside of school – practical skills at work, general knowledge from reading. The university system has such low standards that it’s only worth going through because a degree is expected for most jobs.

  3. At UBC, through the Bookstore, we have implemented a program of ambassadors – as volunteers, they receive marketing and business skills working very closely with the marketing department. The Bookstore is a large business in Vancouver and one of the only commercial operations on campus – we provide practical skills and offer references in return. Perhaps, this could be rolled out further?

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