Lukacs court hearing today

UManitoba to defend waiving exam requirement for PhD student


The University of Manitoba and math professor Gabor Lukacs are in court this morning over the awarding of a PhD to a student who did not meet all the requirements. Lukacs filed a court  application in the fall to reverse a decision, made by the Dean of Graduate Studies John Doering,  to waive an exam requirement for the student. The student had failed the exam twice and under faculty rules, he was required to withdraw from the program. The student, whose name is protected by a publication ban, is said to suffer from exam anxiety.

In response, university president David Barnard sent a letter notifying Lukacs that he would be suspended for three months, on the grounds that he violated the student’s privacy. In court Lukacs is expected to argue that Doering, as an administrator, had no authority to waive the exam, particularly since it was against the wishes of the Graduate Studies Committee in the math department. The university for its part will likely argue that Lukacs has no standing, and that he cannot claim to have been harmed in any way by the decision.

UPDATE: This story has been updated here.


Lukacs court hearing today

  1. If the person writing an exam suffers from exam anxiety then he/she cannot reach the same standard as one who does not have the same. Unfortunately the politicians come into play and we accomodate those who believe that different rules apply to them.

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  3. That is absurd. If someone isn’t strong enough to drag a body out of a burning building they can’t be a firefighter. If someone is blind they can’t be a jet pilot. And if one can’t take required exams then they don’t belong in university. The political correct babying of our students has to stop.

    And let’s not forget this student passed with flying colours in the first 2 exams. How can you claim anxiety after having no problem at all with 2/3 of the exams???

  4. I certainly hope they didn’t get to the PhD level on the back of the “exam anxiety” crutch. They have had ~8 years of post secondary schooling to seek help for this “disability”.

    Good on Lukacs for speaking up and trying to retain the validity of the exam. Shame on the University for suspending the professor.

    I know I won’t recommend U of M to my son.


  5. so, it’s now afternoon…what happened?

  6. and you can say that same thing about someone who’s blind, deaf, etc. Now it suddenly doesn’t seem so cut-and-dry, does it?

  7. Still waiting for the outcome.

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