Mount Royal University 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more -

Mount Royal University 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more

An insider’s perspective on life at Mount Royal University


Mount Royal University Students

Unofficial school motto:

‘Small school, big heart’

Best place for a nap:

The couches in the east wing of the faculty of arts. Unless you’re a germophobe.

Mount Royal University Leah Laidlow

Best cheap lunch:

The LDS Student Association’s Lunch ‘n’ Learn. Every Friday, enjoy a home-cooked meal for $2 while listening to some amazing speakers.

Best hangover breakfast:

The Herb ‘n’ Market breakfast menu changed my life. One word—bacon.

Favourite watering hole:

The 7-Eleven on Richard Way. I once got a free Slurpee because the cashier thought my boyfriend and I were a cute couple. Seriously, they have my loyalty.

Perks of living in this town:

Mayor Nenshi is pretty rad

Best place to study:

The study room on the second floor of EA. It’s quiet and has leather chairs and big tables for sprawling.

Weirdest tradition:

Sex week is kind of weird

Best campus event:

Puppy room! Also: library book sale, clubs days and blood drives.

Coolest elective:

Richard Harrison’s Comics as Literature course

Best giveaway:

Hot chocolate, scholarships and Good Food Box

Best live music venue:

The brand-new Mount Royal Bella Concert Hall

University Insider: Leah Laidlow, 23, English

Mount Royal University is no castle, but it’s where I found my prince. My perspective on Mount Royal is a little fairytale-ish and, perhaps, unrealistically optimistic. First of all, it’s a family school. I attended following my brother’s footsteps and soon became known by students and teachers alike as “little Gregson.” After meeting my future husband, I discovered just how connected I was. My father-in-law is the main IT man and is indispensable to every prof who has ever had a problem with their projector (read: all of them). And my husband’s sweet Grandma Laidlow served on the board of directors way back when. I’m a small-town girl, so a small school with a big heart is exactly what I was looking for in a university.

PROFILE: Mount Royal University | Calgary, Alta. | Founded 1910

I’m sure you’ve heard the class sizes are small, which is not great if you hope to remain invisible to your professors. But for students who want the most out of their education, it’s pretty much the best thing ever. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to snag a class taught by Calgary’s own poet laureate, Derek Beaulieu. Most professors take attendance because at Mount Royal, we believe you actually have to be present to learn something (revolutionary concept, I know).

Not only are classes small, but so is the campus. It’s easy to navigate (especially when you know about the hidden stairwells and doorways), and I never have to worry about getting from one class to another with only a 10-minute break. The campus is beautiful (except for the part where there’s no parking) even if it’s not the most accessible from the suburbs. And even though winter days in Calgary are very short, Mount Royal’s SafeWalk program ensures safe late-night travels all year round.


Mount Royal is a really fun place to be. Not only did Mount Royal’s ski club recently break the world record for largest Nerf-gun battle, but the president of the English department has advocated for a Whac-A-Mole machine on campus. The Students’ Association of Mount Royal University maintains a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the Wyckham House Student Centre. There are also Wellness Services and the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy office if you just need somewhere to go or someone to talk to.

Local Vibe

Can I hear a yahoo? Home of the world-famous Calgary Stampede, Calgary has a vibe that’s a little bit western. Mayor Naheed Nenshi, however, is doing his darnedest to up the “cool” factor. If you haven’t heard, he was named world’s best mayor in 2014, and did I mention that before he got elected, he was a tenured professor in non-profit studies at Mount Royal University’s Bissett School of Business?

The Skinny

Blackboard is a key tool for all students: