No end to money woes for UWinnipeg student reps -

No end to money woes for UWinnipeg student reps

University of Winnipeg Students’ Association AGM sees deficit continue to grow


The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) saw it’s deficit continue to grow after its annual general meeting last Thursday, reported campus newspaper The Uniter.

In a comment posted on The Uniter’s website, UWSA president Jason Syvixay explained that UWSA originally presented a budget for the 2011-2012 year with a projected deficit of $63 000, but that it will be amending the budget to address the concerns raised by students at the AGM. However, he  wasn’t clear on what the budget would look like.

This comes after UWSA estimated running a $167 000 deficit by the end of the 2010-2011 academic year last September, due to the costs of running a daycare for U of W staff and students on campus and restructuring UWSA staff payment by switching from honorariums to hourly wages.

Thursday’s meeting saw a motion brought forward from the U of W Aboriginal Student Council to increase their budget from $6 800 to $25 000, which was passed after over half of the 100 students in attendance voted in favour of the increase.

Several student group leaders voiced their concerns with the motion, saying it was unfair to reward that kind of increase to one student group, though others argued that the ASC has faced underfunding in the past.

Another hot button issue addressed at the AGM was the proposal to close the UWSA-run Soma Cafe, which provides healthy, fair trade food options for the U of W community. The cafe hasn’t turned a profit since it was opened three years ago, and the organization had budgeted for its closure. However, student support prevailed as those in attendance voted in favour of allocating $150 000 of UWSA funds to keep the cafe open. Students who wanted to save the cafe argued that it was a valuable meeting space and that its closure would lead to several students losing their jobs, according to The Uniter.

A controversial motion was also brought forward by president Jason Syvixay to eliminate the position of CFS liason director, who argued that the director’s work should instead be integrated into the duties of all UWSA staff. The motion was postponed as there were no longer enough people in attendance to make quorum by the time the motion was presented.


No end to money woes for UWinnipeg student reps

  1. I am writing to provide context missing from this submission. If students have any questions, feel free to contact the UWSA. Budgets can be very confusing to read and understand (for me especially, not a math guy), so our doors are open for continued dialogue.

    The proposed 2011-2012 draft budget consisted of a projected deficit of 63K (Note: Fiscal year starts April 1st and Soma Cafe was budgeted for operations until April 30th).

    At the Annual General Meeting, students voted to amend this proposed budget by changing the following budget lines: Aboriginal Student Council (Expenditures-25k, Revenue-$900) and Soma Cafe (Expenditures-175K, Revenue-150K). This draft budget, with these amendments, was passed, now with a deficit of approximately 98K.

    The 98K deficit can be calculated as follows:

    + 15K (1 month Soma Cafe) +
    (ASC amended budget) +
    (12 months Soma Cafe) = 98K

    15K is taken out as the final budget needs to account for 12 months of Soma Cafe operations, not 1.

    See how this can get confusing over the internet?

    To further clarify, the costs of running and operating a day care is NOT the reason why the UWSA is in a deficit. Rather, it was the decision in 2009 to use some of the UWSA’s capital funds to build the daycare, that has resulted in less interest (generally accumulated in the bank) to balance the deficit. More information on this can be asked of any UWSA staff or Board member.

    The motion to remove the position of CFS Liaison Director, not the representation of CFS, found below.


    Whereas the CFS Liaison Director at the UWSA is the only known position of its kind in the country;

    Whereas the work of the CFS should be engrained in the work of the organization on a broader level;

    Whereas the responsibilities of the CFS Liaison Director at other CFS locals are often appointed to regular board members as “local reps”;

    Be it resolved that the CFS Liaison Director position be removed from the Board of Directors.


    The motion’s intent was not to integrate the CFS Liaison Director duties “into the duties of all UWSA staff,” but rather, to ingrain the lobbying work and efforts of the UWSA’s provincial and national lobbying group, the CFS, into the entire organization, as is already the case.

  2. Woops, I’m not sure what happened there to those numbers.

    63K (initial proposed budget projected deficit) – 15K (1 month Soma Cafe) +
    25K (ASC added to the projected deficit) +
    25K (Soma Cafe added to the projected deficit) = 98K