Queen’s grad society critical of impeachment process

Referendum would not be ‘representative of the entire student body’


Queen’s University’s graduate student society released a statement earlier today criticizing the impeachment process undertaken against rector Nick Day. As rector, Day represents both undergraduate and graduate students.

Here is their release:

The Executive of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) would like to clarify that our students are in no way represented by the actions of the Alma Mater Society (AMS) against Mr. Nick Day, Rector at Queen’s University (Kingston). The SGPS represents all graduate students and the majority of professional students at Queen’s, with over 4000 members. Any AMS referendum is limited to its membership, primarily undergraduate students, and is not representative of the entire student body. We ask the AMS, the Office of the Principal and all parties to cease referring to the process begun against Mr. Day as representative of all students. The process undertaken against Mr. Day is an AMS process with neither the input nor the consent of graduate and professional students at Queen’s. Given the grave importance of this issue, the SGPS is carefully evaluating the options to determine the course of action that best reflects the interests of our members.


Queen’s grad society critical of impeachment process

  1. Why do they want to impeach him? Anything to do with his views on Israeli Apartheid?

  2. The impeachment has nothing to do with IAW. It’s because the Rector signed a letter improperly.

    Yes, that’s sarcasm.

  3. Okay, so SGPS was not consulted on the AMS move – but does the SGPS really want to imply that they would not give consent to a referendum of all students on this issue?

  4. Confused – “but does the SGPS really want to imply that they would not give consent to a referendum of all students on this issue?”. As an SGPS member I see no reason why the executive or Council should give consent. So no, the SGPS shouldn’t “imply” – the organization should firmly reject support for the question of impeachment. The AMS referendum was initiated by three campus political organizations. Just because a couple dogs are barking doesn’t mean everyone has to stop and listen.

  5. Sean Torrie (Queen’s Liberals) and Craig Draegar (Queens CONS) have been working n this for some time. They are less concerned with protecting the “Voice” of students than with being good little boys and following party orders. Dimitri pulls the strings.

  6. So if the referendum is passed in favor of removing the rectum, does that mean Nick Day is impeached?
    Also does the SGPS have a better idea? if they did why didnt they share it?

  7. I would hardly call 2200 student signatures in favor of holding his referendum ‘A couple of dogs barking’, normally only 750 are required to get a question on a referendum.

    Also, if the referendum does pass, Nick Day is not impeached. The referendum is to make a recommendation to the University Council as to his removal, they are the only body capable of removing the Rector from office. University Council is meeting in late April I believe.

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