Rob Ford dropped out of university. How dare he? -

Rob Ford dropped out of university. How dare he?

What’s really stunning is that he went to York


Toronto mayor Rob Ford dropped out of university in 1991 and it is apparently a scandal. There was some confusion over whether or not he graduated but that was cleared up months ago. He attended Carleton University for 1989-1990 and we now know that he later attended York University for 1990-91 taking distance education courses.

Bouncing off an Open File Ottawa story that looked at whether or not, and by how much, Ford embellished his time as a member of Carleton’s football team, the Toronto Star writes:

Mayor Rob Ford took courses at university — that much, at least, is clear.

Normally, a mayor’s post-secondary education is an easily confirmed thing, a line or two in an official biography.

But Ford is no ordinary mayor.

So, an ordinary mayor would list himself as a university dropout on an official biography? Or would an ordinary mayor simply list the education institutions he attended in order to imply he graduated, when he did not? Or is it that ordinary mayors have university degrees? It’s not really clear what the Star is implying. Are official biographies not usually a list of a politician’s accomplishments, and not their list of failures and incomplete or half-hearted measures? Should Ford’s official City of Toronto biography also list how many times he’s been arrested?

The Star also writes that: “Ford’s official biography makes no mention of university.” Well that is not entirely true. The biography does mention his experience playing “university-level” football, which is just the sort of passing reference one might expect from a politician who attended but did not complete university. The emphasis on football, and not, say, the courses he took in political science also seems to be typical Ford.

Besides, the Star appears to have buried the lead all the way in paragraph nine. Rob Ford went to York!?


Rob Ford dropped out of university. How dare he?

  1. The point is he lied about his education like he has lied about other things.

  2. Wasn`t Slitherman a high school drop out?
    Would this really be an issue if he had won?
    Was it an issue when he was at the Provincial trough?
    Seems to be a double standard here.
    Fiberals are just sore losers.

  3. Those Rob Ford haters have disappeared. Im impressed with what he has done so far. Great job Ford!

  4. God forbid we elect someone who is educated. I think I’ll tell my kids not to bother with university it’s too old fashioned. Stupid is the new smart.

  5. In my experience stupid boss will hire stupid employee,here we go now dont be suprice if we will be bankrup just like all the countries lately couse they are run by all these yoyo.

  6. TorStar is waging full on war against Ford, scrabbling for anything to slag him. Hey, Canadian banks have recently had a president and a chairman who university-degree-free. University does not guarantee any job will get done. This was an irresponsible use of The Star’s power of the press. Shame on them! Style, schmyle, Ford’s done a good job to date.

  7. Is a university education required to be a good leader or have good ideas? I agree that he shouldn’t have misled people, but I don’t think that people should be shaming him for not being a university graduate. University isn’t for everyone, no matter what your intelligence level is.