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Royal Military College of Canada students

Unofficial school motto:
Being a military academy, everything is official. We all take pride in ‘Truth, duty, valour!’

Best place for a nap:
Napping is not really a thing

Royal Military College of Canada student Eliza Bruce.

Royal Military College of Canada student Eliza Bruce.

Best cheap lunch:
Harper’s Burger Bar

Best hangover breakfast:

Favourite watering hole:
The Tir Nan Og (karaoke included)

Perks of living in this town:
Everything is within walking distance

Best place to study:
The grassy grounds of Martello tower . . . when it’s not under construction

Weirdest tradition:
Skylarks (a.k.a. practical jokes) are morale-boosters that range from moving a torpedo onto the parade square or painting the commander’s white-picket fence, well, not white

Best campus event:
FYOP (first-year orientation period) obstacle course. By the end everyone is doused in mud, paint, water and sun, and spirits are high as the entire school comes together to help the newbies complete their first mission.

Best giveaway:
Kit distribution day (free uniforms—you’ll never have to worry about what to wear)

Best live music venue:
The Grand Theatre

University Insider: Eliza Bruce, 20, English

From indoctrination period, to the first day my class and I marched through the Memorial Arch and down the tree-lined lane to the campus, I knew that coming to RMC was not just about choosing a university, but an entire lifestyle and career. We will not pass through the Arch, a memorial to former RMC cadets killed in action, again until graduation day.

Things that are good to know: Push-ups are important. So is running. Actually, overall strength and fitness are essential to survival, so increasing my physical prowess became my new objective, and the free gym membership helped immensely. By joining the band I participated in a multitude of annual military services, from Remembrance Day to the Sunset Ceremony parade, all of which emphasize the relationship and shared history between the civilian and military worlds. The gruelling but brief first-year orientation program (FYOP), which instills skills such as uniform, drills and room standard, teaches you to have a high respect for authority—functioning within the chain of command here is critical.

PROFILE: Royal Military College of Canada | Kingston, Ont. | Founded 1876

Complete accountability starts on day zero! You are forced to “dig deep” and find the drive needed to excel, because excellence and proficiency are the ultimate goals in the four pillars (academics, military leadership, second-language training and physical fitness). Privileges (such as wearing civilian clothing) are earned, and each successive year you are granted more freedoms based on personal merit and performance. RMC tests leadership, group and individual skills to produce the refined, officer-like qualities indispensable to the Canadian Forces. I’m continually inspired, and sometimes my capablities surprise even me. RMC really does bring out the best in you.

The campus is always teeming with student life, whether it’s the Sailing Club adrift on Lake Ontario, the Sandhurst military-skills competitors running around with their rucksacks on or varsity athletes on the sports fields. In addition, RMC’s uniquely small class sizes allow for frequent one-on-one tutoring, writing-centre appointments, individual language training, and interaction with faculty.

Local Vibe
The biking and walking trails sprawl across the Lake Ontario waterfront and countryside. Natural features such as Wolfe Island provide a peaceful, picturesque escape via free ferry rides. Historically intriguing, Kingston’s combination of new and old boasts fantastic eateries, markets and festivals, as well as the nearby Fort Henry and military base.

The Skinny
RMC Portal contains information about application, registration, training, academics and extracurricular activities: www.rmcc-cmrc.ca/en. For articles, pictures and information about the life and history of RMC check out: http://everitas.rmcclub.ca/


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