Should student health plans be optional? -

Should student health plans be optional?

Our panel weighs in


A Ryerson University student is suing the students’ union because he wants to opt out of the student health plan. As with health plans at other universities, Ryerson students are only permitted to decline coverage if they have comparable services through another insurance provider. Engineering student Mark Single, who is taking his case to court, disagrees with that model. “I should have the freedom to choose how I take care of my personal health,” he says.

We asked our student panel whether they thought students should have the choice to opt out whether they have comparable coverage elsewhere or not. Their responses are posted below as well as on our front page. As with previous weeks, all student panel videos are archived on our You Tube channel.


Should student health plans be optional?

  1. the whole “debate” is a red herring. A debate about whether or not individual members should be able to voluntarily opt-out for any reason is as useless as debating how many angels can fit on a pinhead. Quit simply, there can be no universal Health & dental plan without it being mandatory – no insurance provider in the world would provide insurance at a reasonable cost if they knew that all the non-users would opt out, while those that use it extensively would remain members.

    The real debate is whether or not the student run health plans should even exist. At least that would be an honest debate.

  2. I am so glad there was a health plan when I was in University. My parents have their own business so neither of my parents had a health plan. I got sick a lot in University and would have been financially screwed without it. Maybe some people are lucky and don’t get sick that often, but you’ll be thankful you have it when you go to the pharmacy and have to pay for an inhaler and 3 different kinds of antibiotics!