Simon Fraser University 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more -

Simon Fraser University 411: Where to find the best cheap lunch and more

An insider’s perspective on life at SFU


Simon Fraser University students

Unofficial school motto:

‘Engage us’

Best place for a nap:

West Mall Atrium, on one of the cozy corner couches

Simon Fraser University student

Best cheap lunch:

Veggie lunch for $6, Tuesday to Thursday, in Forum Chambers. It’s vegan, and also delicious.

Best hangover breakfast:

All-you-can-eat breakfast at the 24-hour Dining Hall for bottomless orange juice and tater tots as far as the eye can see

Favourite watering hole:

The Highland Pub, the only (but much loved) bar on campus.

Perks of living in this town:

You will never be too cold or too hot. Also, renting in Burnaby is a whole lot cheaper than Vancouver.

Best place to study:

Sixth floor of the W.A.C. Bennett Library

Weirdest tradition:

Twice a year at convocation, the SFU Pipe Band pipes up a storm in celebration of our Scottish heritage

Best campus event:

Puppy therapy. Our furry friends show up on campus around exam time, just when we need them the most.

Best giveaway:

There are mad prizes to be won if you participate in student democracy and make it through an SFSS annual general meeting

Best live music venue:

The Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver

University Insider: Melissa Roach, 21, English

If you’ve ever wanted to go to school in a magical, forested, mountaintop hideaway, Simon Fraser University is the place for you. SFU is really a “choose your own adventure” university. You can study to be a mechatronics expert, literary buff, or brewmaster—whatever floats your boat! The Surrey campus can be your home base, or you could even take courses in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

PROFILE: Simon Fraser University | Burnaby, B.C. | Founded 1965

Just coming down from its 50th-anniversary high, SFU is bursting with new life. Plans for a new student union building, stadium, and expanded residences are all under way. I’m guilty of sometimes rolling my eyes at the buzzwords dropped by the so-called “engaged university,” but it turns out there are a few ways in which it lives up to the name.

SFU is plagued by some of the institutional challenges faced by universities across the country, like decreased government funding, deferred maintenance, and sticky labour relations. The issues and quirks are a part of the university’s charm, though. My concrete jungle may be crumbling a bit, but it still feels like home to me.


Clubs, clubs, and more clubs! The SFU extracurricular scene has an embarrassment of riches. Clubs cater to a wide range of interests, from robotics to tea drinking. In the SFU fashion, our quidditch team enjoys a friendly rivalry with UBC’s team. SFU is also the only Canadian university to be a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, making for some exciting games on campus.

Local Vibe

The local vibe, or vibes, differ depending on the campus. The main campus on Burnaby Mountain is minutes away from a few different neighbourhoods, the closest being Burnaby Heights. The main stretch sits along the 50-minute bus route between SFU’s downtown and Burnaby campuses. This sweet little community in North Burnaby is just busy enough. Stan’s Pizza Joint is a local favourite for cheap pizza and beer and the line outside of Anton’s Pasta Bar is always worth the wait. There is beautiful nature all around to stare at when the stress of studying is getting you down. The top of Capitol Hill or the trails in Burnaby Mountain Park offer a wicked view of downtown Vancouver, Stanley Park, and the North Shore mountains.

The Skinny

Check out the Facebook page SFU Confessions. Go to the Simon Fraser Student Society’s website ( for details on clubs, events, and services. When the mountain becomes a winter wonderland, is great.