Something is seriously wrong at YorkU -

Something is seriously wrong at YorkU

Another sexual assault reported on campus


The news, unfortunately, is not surprising. Toronto Police have announced that they are looking for a man in connection with a recent sexual assault at York University.

The assault took place inside the main hall at the Seneca@York building on Thursday around 4 p.m. The victim says she was followed into the building and was sexually assaulted twice.

Sporadic news of sexual assault on or around York University’s campus is not unusual. There was the violent assault on a 20-year-old student by three strangers last April, three assaults in five months back in 2008, which included two young students being raped in their residence rooms, and, of course, the recent murder of York University student Qian Liu.

These events speak to serious problems at York University. Any scholarship to be revered coming from the institution is already being lost in the shadows of its dangerous reputation. York needs to take further measures to protect its students both on campus and in off-campus student communities. Its reputation–and more importantly, the welfare of its students–depend on it.

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Something is seriously wrong at YorkU

  1. As a York student, I agree with this assessment, but I must point out that York can do very little to protect students in off-campus housing.

  2. York should have a foot patrol!

    • They already do?