UWinnipeg faculty reject contract offer

Admin wants to freeze wages for two years.


University of Winnipeg faculty voted 65 per cent today to reject a contract offer from the university. At issue was the fact that the administration offered zero salary increases for the first two years of a four-year contract, and requested senior faculty increase their pension contributions. Official statements have yet to be released from either the university or the union. More details tomorrow.

UPDATE: The Winnipeg Free Press has comments from the union, which confirmed the vote, and from the admin which says it wants to keep bargaining.


UWinnipeg faculty reject contract offer

  1. The administration has never been interested in bargaining. They offered the salary freeze from the outset and have not budged one iota since then. This is question of whether or not we have an administration at the U of W that values faculty and they have consistently demonstrated that they have other non-academic priorities. The faculty at the U of W are among the lowest paid in the country when you control for cost of living and they are the worst paid in the province. In contrast, the administrative side at the U of W has increased 51% under Axworthy’s reign and they spend upwards of 15% of their operating budget on administration whereas the U of M spends only 6% of it’s operating budget on administration. It’s a bizarre situation when you consider the numbers of students who attend each institution respectively.

  2. The professors at the U of W are excellent, I’ve had an excellent experience in my four years and can’t credit the amazing professors I’ve had enough. Cough up some cash already Lloyd!

  3. I’m a student at the University. I am just curious if anyone knows what happens if my professors go on strike?

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