Students vote to impeach Queen’s rector

Referendum results show 72% of students want Nick Day gone


Undergraduates at Queen’s University have voted 72 per cent in favour of making a recommendation to the university to impeach rector Nick Day.

A referendum was held from March 22 to 23 where students were asked to respond to the question:

Shall it be recommended to the University Council of Queen’s University that Nick Day not continue to hold the office of Rector of Queen’s University at Kingston? Yes ___, No ___.

A total of 3803 students voted (out of an eligible 14244): 2714 votes were in favour of the recommendation (72 per cent), while 1061 of votes were opposed (28 per cent).

The Alma Mater Society (AMS) at Queen’s University immediately released a statement saying, “Since the result of this Special AMS Student Vote are in the affirmative, the Society therefore recommends to the University Council of Queen’s University that Nick Day not continue to hold the Office of Rector of Queen’s University at Kingston.”

Day recently came under fire for writing a public letter defending Israeli Apartheid Week to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and signing with his official university title. Noting in his letter that that he “was elected to represent the approximately 20,000 students of Queen’s University,” Day claimed that Israel was guilty of genocide and is acting as the perpetrator of “perhaps the biggest human rights tragedy of my generation.”

Day was also formally censured by the AMS Assembly back in November for statements he made during a Remembrance Day address.


Students vote to impeach Queen’s rector

  1. This is what democracy looks like! It’s time for Nick Day to do the right thing and resign.

    • Why you are condemning freedom of speech? The Israel occupation of Palestinian lands has many concerns as well as the Palestinians humans rights violations of the Israelis people!!!

      • It is unclear what you mean when you say “…as well as the Palestinians human rights violations of the Israelis people”

        Are you saying that Israel is violating Palestinians, that Palestinians are violating Israel, or both?

  2. Also, just as Nick Day has freedom of speech, so do I, and he violated my freedom of speech when he wrote on my behalf.

  3. That’s what democracy looks like? What a joke. No reasonable person can deny the genocide.

    We live in a violent world that is in total denial. Truth be told, even obama is now a war criminal for fermenting a civil war.

    The truth is, we need to target and destroy evil people to feel good about ourselves. The only problem is, many of the people we target are innocent, so who is the evil one:



  4. I posted the link above by accident, but it is coincidentally relevant.

    The link I meant to post is this one:


    It’s kind of ironic that both links apply to the point I am trying to make. I didm’t even know about the “evil” link, I just posted it because I had the word “evil” in mind.

    Funny, it relates to Sadaam Hussein.

    This reminds me of something I heard the Dalai Lama say about Hussein. He said “Sadaam Hussein not totally evil”, if I recall correctly.

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