Thanks for the cash

Education sector reacts to federal budget


It might all be irrelevant at this point, given that the federal opposition may take down the government, but reaction from the education sector to Tuesday’s budget has been mostly positive. The budget included a boost to the operating budgets of Canada’s three federal research granting agencies, money for the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, another 10 Canada Excellence Research Chairs, and Genome Canada.

For students, tweaks to Canada Student Loans and Grants will see more money flow to part-time students, and allow full-time students to earn a higher income without incurring a penalty to their loans. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget also included $10 million to develop an international education strategy, and debt relief for doctors and nurses who promise to practice in rural areas.

Among those cheering the Tories was the Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada, whose president, Paul Davison said: “This budget represents tremendous progress for the university sector: more funding for the research councils, promotion of international educational marketing, additional support for students, and a range of measures to foster innovation and research.”

Similarly, Sheldon Levy, chair of the Council of Ontario Universities, released a statement that read: “These investments will generate positive results, both short and long-term, for our universities and for our province and most importantly for our students.”

The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations issued a response that was somewhat more tepid in its support of the budget. “The plan the Conservatives tabled will take some strain off the pocketbooks of working students, but there is still a long way to go if we are to truly create an accessible post-secondary education system,” National Zach Dayler said. CASA wanted to see more money put into student loans, relief for the cost of textbooks and measures to help aboriginal students access education.

More critical was the Canadian Federation of Students. In a statement titled “Federal budget fails to deliver affordable education for Canadians,” the CFS criticized inadequate funding for education transfers to the provinces that remain “approximately $800 million short of 1992 levels when accounting for inflation and population growth.” National Chairperson David Molenhuis called the lack of a “national strategy” for higher education, a “recipe for disaster.”

James Turk, executive director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers bemoaned the government’s emphasis on targeted research initiatives when combined with only a “small increase” to the federal granting councils. “Research priorities are best set by the scientific community, not by politicians,” he said.

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Thanks for the cash

  1. Education need Leadership much more than it needs money, and there is none. Is this bribery going to work. Let me tell you how it is -the whole story !

    Gallup/Ipsos poll finds 43% of Canadians don’t believe in evolution. They are likely bedrock Conservative voters, but their hearts
    are LIBERAL.

    Conservatives are way too confused to be able to govern. Obama is a Reagan Democrat, Hilary Clinton is a Goldwater Republican, Reagan was Nixon’s puppet, Bush was Cheney’s gopher and now, Donald Trump wants to fire them all.

    The ONLY thing that these has-beens and wanabes have in common is this:


    There’s no business like show bu$ine$$ !

    Politics is the biggest Cabaret show on the planet. The Conservatives poured money into Obama’s campaign because they hated and feared the candidacy of Hilary Clinton, and when Obama won, they were so shocked they tried to Tea Party him out of town, but America’s Gadaffi survived. Perhaps, they have settled down because they have finally realized that Obama is the real thing -a Reagan Democrat.

    Pompous Canadians, who make fun of the politics south of the border, ought to realize that we are just like them. Harper is a spendthrift Liberal and Ignatieff is a fiscal Conservative. What on earth do you expect when the head of Canada’s huge deficit is a lawyer like Jim Flaherty?

    The message: Bedrock conservatives vote Liberal, because Conservatives are to confused to govern.

    Now if you vote Conservative because you don’t believe in evolution GOD HELP US ALL ! -we are going to need some divine intervention !

  2. What about the Ontario university pension plans? The premier of Ontario is forcing universities with a defined benefits plan to pay their pension deficit within 5 years (pension solvency calculation). This is unacceptable. Universities are here to stay so they should only be made to pay it within 15 years (going concern calculation).
    These calculations would force universities to pay millions of dollars over their operating budget every per year. This takes money away from hiring faculty, fixing infrastructure, and maintaining a low student:faculty ratio.

    The teachers Union is exempt for the pension solvency calculation so why aren’t Ontario universities?!

    If people don’t want university programs to be lost and compromise the education of Ontario citizens, then people need to call the premier. His number is 1-800-387-5559.

    Ask Dalton why he doesn’t care about education like he promised!

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