Too bad student-friendly budget doesn’t matter

Potential federal election just a distraction from wider issues


The 2011 budget proposed by the Conservative government contained a bevy of good news for students, but due to the increasing likelihood of a federal election being called by the end of the month, or even the week, students won’t see these new initiatives come to life.

In the likely event that the budget is voted down, or a motion of non-confidence passes in the House of Commons, all bills that have not received royal assent die on the spot. That includes the budget and all its student-friendly gains.

The interest-free study-period for part-time students? Gone. The $40,000 tuition credit for doctors and nurses who work in rural Canada? Gone. The boost to Canada Student Loans? Gone.

This also includes the recently introduced private member’s bill proposing the creation of a post-secondary act, put forth by NDP MP Niki Ashton. It’s a bill that seeks to streamline post-secondary funding from the federal government to the provinces and add criteria and conditions to the funds.

The Conservatives could be found in contempt of parliament — a Canadian first. The Carlton Carson scandal is a smear on their leadership and the Oda scandal reeks of entitlement. But Ignatieff’s Liberals aren’t likely to make gains as much as 10 points, nor can spunky Jack Layton hope to unseat the Conservative power house.

Canadians are likely to elect another minority Conservative government because, to be honest, they don’t have much else to choose from: Conservative entitlement, Liberal flacidness or … the NDP. With such an outcome likely, the election is a stunt that is a mere distraction to wider issues. And it’s going to hurt students.

Elections are important aspects of democracy. But with so few options, and so little in the way of game-changers that are likely to oust a government, I can’t help but think how futile an exercise this is. When no major shift in power is likely, an election is little but an exercise in futility that hurts the average Canadian and, this time around, especially students.

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Too bad student-friendly budget doesn’t matter

  1. Students:
    You have been presented with a no brainer.
    Anticipate your later selves and vote Conservative NOW.
    You will receive what you most need now and your later selves will appreciate your youthful perspicatity.

  2. Great!! Vote in the budget, get it going, then trash these PC goofs on the real issues – criminality, greed, duplicity, entitlement, arrogance, anti-democracy, graft, Mulroney, Carson, the Senate, prorogation, G20, severances for disgraced appointees, no competition fighter jet contracts, the “harper government”, and all the rest of the innumerable single digit salutes to all Canadians. Send this cracker and his henchmen back to the woods where they belong. I’m a former PC member, VP of John Cummins’ riding association, and so ashamed of harper and his crew.

    Told him much the same and wouldn’t ya’ know it, no response…,

    • I agree with Mr. Phelan! Harper is trowing little trinckets to people, while our democracy is crumbling and a corrupted party is ruling our party!

      I’m ashamed of my PM too, we look like fools on the International scene. And don’t be fooled Ms.Ashton’s bill will be passed again especially if people wake up and vote for Jack.

      Oh, and remember that we cheered for Tunisians and Egyptians when they got rid of their corrupted leaders and they got their democracy back… Can’t we just do the same ?!

  3. You’ve hit the mark Danielle – regardless of partisan sides…well done commentary…keep at it!

    • Only a woman would make such a comment as this…”keep at it!” How hokey can you get?

  4. Ignatieff:
    Just one thing I can thing of is the line Judi Dench used in “Quantum of Solace”
    What a bunch of self-righteous…….

  5. Oh, come on people …

    This budget was NEVER going to be a working budget, so you cannot even remotely take the contents at face value. This budget was drafted with two goals in mind: a) to look good on the surface to as many Canadians as possible and b) trigger an election.

    The Conservatives took the budgetary process out of the all party committee that normally drafts it. Yes, all the parties do actually help draft the budget every year … except this year. This year, Flaherty did it all by his lonesome for some reason.

    And they tabled it without allowing a single amendment, which is about as big of a red flag as you can get. Some budgets have required over 100 amendments to get them to the point where they are agreeable to all parties. There’s dozens just for wording changes, normally. Banning ALL amendments tells you right up front that this was not a serious budget.

    Of course, the Conservatives also had an attack at ready in the wings to try and rhetorically tie the election to some other party. It launched within a few minutes of Ignatieff’s press conference where he said he wouldn’t support the bill. It was PREPARED IN ADVANCE.

    You students were never going to get these changes. Never.

  6. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, Boris clearly works for the Conservative Party. It’s pretty obvious, but …

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