University of Northern British Columbia 411: The best cheap lunch and more -

University of Northern British Columbia 411: The best cheap lunch and more

An insider’s perspective on life at UNBC


University of Northern British Columbia Student

Unofficial school motto:

‘In the North, for the North’

Best place for a nap:

The couches in Building 10 (Teaching and Learning Centre)

University of Norther British Colombia student

Best cheap lunch:

Sandwiches and wraps from Stacker’s Deli

Best hangover breakfast:

The Thirsty Moose Pub now serves breakfast on Saturdays

Favourite watering hole:

Nancy O’s Restaurant

Perks of living in this town:

Having snowball fights and seeing moose

Best place to study:

Health Sciences Centre (it has puzzles and tea kettles)

Weirdest tradition:

The Santa Claus debate, on the existence of the jolly man

Best campus event:

Backyard Barbecue

Best giveaway:

Do scholarships count?

Best live music venues:

CN Centre, Nancy O’s

University Insider: Hannah Rizun, 21, English and History

You know it’s a small university when your English professor says, on the first day, “I want to know each of my students by name.” I didn’t expect to love UNBC. Even now, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this small yet mighty university so compelling. In Grade 12, my plan was to head east, preferably to Carleton or the University of Ottawa. It wasn’t until I started looking at specific classes offered by the universities that UNBC became a viable option.

PROFILE: University of Northern British Columbia | Prince George, B.C. | Founded 1994

The university is small (around 3,300) but what it lacks in population, it makes up for in the robust interests and passions of its students, if the number of campus clubs is any indication. The tight-knit community helps make days of -25° C weather bearable. It also helps that the campus is almost entirely connected by indoor passages and walkways.

UNBC is truly a global community, attracting faculty and students from all over the world. It also encourages its students to learn abroad. The passions displayed by students on campus is mirrored in the professors, who are a large part of why I’m still here three years later. Not only did the university give me the space to pursue interests I may never have pursued at a larger university, but the relationships I have formed here are the icing on the cake.


UNBC boasts a diverse range of clubs, including the Acappella Club, the Debate Society, a Rodeo Club and a Roller Derby Club, and even an underwater hockey team.

In addition, the university is surrounded by walking and biking trails, perfect for blowing off steam after a long day of classes. A popular route is the 25-minute stroll to Shane Lake, situated right behind the university. Students will likely enjoy at least one bonfire here during their time on campus.

For the more adventurous, Powder King Mountain Resort is a few hours away, while there are two smaller ski hills and a cross-country ski club closer to town.

Local Vibe

Known as B.C.’s northern capital, Prince George is spread out, but has a few jewels nestled within the downtown core, such as the weekly indoor farmers’ market, quaint coffee shops and interesting restaurants. Despite its size (around 70,000), it manages to exude a small-town feel. It may not have the hustle and bustle of cities the size of Vancouver or Toronto, but if you want to go to a hockey game, museum or the symphony, stay in P.G.

The Skinny

A great website for things to do and see in Prince George is