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‘vastly over-invested in universities’

From the Harper dossier of potentially controversial quotes.


From the Harper dossier of potentially controversial quotes.

I think we’re vastly over-invested in universities. Universities should be relatively small and provide excellent education and research in a number of specialized areas. I think the vast majority of young people should be going through non-university, post-secondary training

Source: the Calgary Herald, Sept 15, 2000

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‘vastly over-invested in universities’

  1. I agree. As a grad student, I saw plenty of students who were attending university who really shouldn’t have been there. They would have been far better served going to a community college or learning a trade.

    I very much like the German system of education, which recognizes that not everyone is cut out for academia. There is nothing wrong with a college education or a trade, if that’s where your strengths lies.

    Far too many students go to university because it is expected, and many don’t do well. Many also graduate with a BA or BSc, heavily in debt, and unable to find a job because their degree did not prepare them for life “in the real world.”

  2. I have to say (even as an Ontario Professor & NDP supporter) that I agree with this. With the removal of Grade 13, there are more students in the system because either their parents pushed them there, or they had no clue what else to do and followed their friends; and about half of them are not interested in learning — if they’re able to express what they want out of university at all, it’s “a job”. The open secret is that they would be better served at one of the excellent community colleges learning a trade and ultimately making very good money — my electrician makes more than me ($115K/year as a prof: he’s on $125K/yr + as a Master Electrician). But universities, chasing the BIUs, need the students, and expand places to take students who shouldn’t be here, then and are asking us (the Professors) to teach people who don’t want to learn, reducing the quality of the experience of those who do. If you want a good, well paid job go to community college and learn a trade and you will be more appreciated and better looked after. If you’re interested in learning the beauty of math, history, English literature, Anthropology, Biology etc., for it’s own sake, to become educated about the natural world and its peoples, then come to university and you will be also be appreciated and looked after. Let’s not mix the two systems — they serve very different purposes and clients, each perfectly well.

  3. I’m like JB Heap: a professor and hardly a Harper supporter. But university is not for everyone. Oh my gosh…half the kids should not be there!

    What we need is for our culture to elevate the respect of other forms of education and the social status of trades so students can freely gravitate to their real interests and vocation, and not waste precious years doing something for someone else.

  4. I agree with the other profs. Sending people who don’t really want to be there just drains the resources from those who do.