Vote mob craze hits UWinnipeg

Approximately 100 students mobbed the university’s downtown campus


With vote mobs organized at over 30 campuses across the country, I knew it was only a matter of time before the craze hit my hometown of Winnipeg. Since the energy of these rallies is better illustrated with multimedia coverage than in print, I produced a video of the vote mob organized by students at the University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba that took place on the U of W campus Wednesday for The Manitoban. Approximately 100 people, most of them students, showed up to support youth engagement in the upcoming federal election, along with a handful of local candidates.


Vote mob craze hits UWinnipeg

  1. In national polls of party preferences, aren’t only those with land lines phoned? The majority of 18 to 24 year-olds use cell phones, so any data generated by Ipsos Reid, EKOS, Nanos, or other research firms may be less accurate than it seems to indicate.

    If the youth vote doubles from 2008, I think it’s likely a Liberal or NDP minority. If the youth vote triples, a Liberal or NDP majority.

    If one looks at various vote mob websites, even though they say they are “non-partisan”, you sometimes see links to articles critical of the Conservatives, but rarely, if ever, a link to any article critical of the Liberals, NDP or Greens.

    And if you research the backgrounds of those organizing vote mobs, many have been actively involved in issues associated with the progressive side of the political spectrum.

    There is speculation as to what percentage of those participating in vote mobs will actually vote, but the youth vote has been vastly underestimated by the pundits and the pollsters.

    The youth vote may in fact be the “sleeper” component of this election.

    More than 2.1 million 18- to 24-year-olds are unhappy. Harper has been throwing us out of election campaign rallies and trying to get Elections Canada to quash our votes. He’s avoiding us and hoping we’ll stay away from the ballot box. We’re finally paying attention, and that damages his
    lustful campaign for lordship over our country.

    Rage against apathy

    Song for Stephen

    Youth voters are scary