Why Does University Cost So Much?


The Chronicle of Higher Education asks students, faculty and experts one simple question.


Why Does University Cost So Much?

  1. looking at the collapse (financially) of UQAM sheds some good light on this: the school had essentially over-leveraged itself on buildings and real-estate. this isn’t an altogether bad thing, as some can be profit centres over the long term (dorms, theatres, etc.)

    but ask yourself this, have you walked down a university hallway on a weekday only to find that 9 of the 10 classrooms in that hallway are empty? i have, and far too often. a lot of schools are creating new buildings for various ‘institutes’, and for a good number of these, they don’t bring much in (via students or publicity) and seem to be simply ornamentation.

    the woman who spoke of universities as ‘small cities’ also struck a chord. universities are assumed to have the best of all facilities, though these are often non-sequitur to the academic mission of the university. in many ways, the institutions have become baroque.

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