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What grades do I need to get into Canadian universities?

A handy guide to the average overall grades of full-time students entering 49 different Canadian universities



Grades are a strong indication of student quality and potential. Maclean’s presents the over-all grade average of incoming first-year students. Here, the average final-year grades of full-time, first-year students entering university from high school or Quebec’s CEGEP system. Grades shown are for students entering university in their home province in fall 2016.

School Grade (per cent)
Waterloo 90.4
McGill 90.3
Western 90.0
Manitoba 89.2
Queen's 89.0
UBC 88.6
Montréal 88.1
Acadia 87.9
Saskatchewan 87.9
Dalhousie 87.6
McMaster 87.6
Simon Fraser 87.5
Alberta 87.4
UPEI 86.9
Toronto (fall 2015 figure) 86.5
St. Francis Xavier 86.4
Cape Breton 86.3
Victoria 86.3
UQAM 86.2
UNBC 86.1
Sherbrooke 86.0
Mount Allison 85.9
New Brunswick 85.9
Calgary 85.7
Regina 85.4
Laval 85.3
St. Thomas 84.8
Moncton 84.7
Mount Saint Vincent 84.7
Ottawa 84.7
Ryerson 84.4
Guelph 83.8
Wilfrid Laurier 83.8
Brock 83.3
Carleton 83.2
Concordia 83.2
Brandon 83.1
Bishop's 82.6
Laurentian 82.5
Nipissing 82.5
Memorial 82.4
Saint Mary's 81.8
Winnipeg 81.8
York 81.7
Trent 81.4
Windsor 81.4
Lethbridge 81.2
Lakehead 80.1
UOIT 80.0


What grades do I need to get into Canadian universities?

  1. This is an interesting subject, but there is a much more related question; What grade is required to graduate?

    Even though foreign students pay more (as they ought) their graduate diploma may be suspect upon returning to their country of origin (if we are to believe the number of counterfeit diplomas).

    On the other hand, there is surely a case to be made in raising the graduation standard, certainly at the post-graduation level. This should have a remarkable effect within the ‘entitlement’ community … and reduce the number of university graduates working at fast-food places,

    Unfortunately, the result could be an increase in unintelligible, fast-food, foreign workers.

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