10 thoughts on Bev Oda

No. 4: “She is the poster girl for misspending”


Who’s saying what about Bev Oda in the morning’s papers:

1. “Under Bev’s guidance, Canada has led a significant initiative to save the lives of mothers, children and newborns in the developing world. Through Bev’s leadership, Canada has also met, ahead of schedule, its commitment to double aid to Africa. This is a record of which to be proud.”
— Prime Minister Stephen Harper

2. “Oda is leaving politics after having struck a serious blow to Stephen Harper’s credibility as a careful caretaker of public funds.The Prime Minister’s challenge now is to undo the damage, starting with a cabinet shuffle, but by no means ending there.”
—  John Ibbitson, the Globe and Mail

3. “The departure of Bev Oda from the federal cabinet should have happened months ago. Nevertheless, her resignation — effective July 31, apparently prompted by the knowledge or belief that she would be shuffled out later this summer — is a much-needed signal that Prime Miniter Stephen Harper holds his ministers accountable.
— The Globe and Mail, editorial

4. “The departing Oda will become the poster girl for misspending by Tory cabinet ministers. When taxpayers’ angry questions about a $600,000 overtime bill for idle limousine drivers who serve cabinet ministers comes up, the Conservatives will conveniently point at Oda. She is the one, after all, who had to pay back expenses related to a London trip that included limo services, an overnight stay at the luxurious Savoy Hotel and that $16 glass of orange juice. Having paid the political price of embarrassing the government, she will carry this burden.”
— Marilla Stephenson, the Chronicle Herald

5. “Bev Oda’s lifetime pension should cover about 43,841 glasses of $16 orange juice.”
— Derek Fildebrandt, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation

6. “It seems apparent that a shuffle is coming — that Oda’s announcement was part of a deck-clearing in advance. What remains to be seen is whether other charter members of Harper’s cabinet team are also heading to the exit doors, voluntarily or involuntarily.”
— Susan Delacourt, the Toronto Star

7. “We don’t feel she has left a mark. There was a lack of performance, lack of transparency, there was very little involvement of key players in the decision-making process and she seemed to be more accountable to Canadian taxpayers than to developing countries—making sure they were really benefiting from Canadian aid.”
— Chantal Havard, head of government relations and communications at the Canadian Council for International Co-operation

8. “It remains to be seen whether this will be an exchange for an appointment to the Senate or something,”
— Stephen Brown, associate professor at the University of Ottawa’s school of political studies

9. “Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Tuesday afternoon issued a glowing news release about Oda. It can only be assumed his gesture was in the interest of saving his own face, since it was he who elevated Oda to two Cabinet positions during her tenure as a Conservative MP.”
—Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun

10. “Here in Durham Region, Ms. Oda’s decision should be welcomed as an opportunity to start anew. As an MP, Ms. Oda’s high-spending ways as a cabinet minister were both a source of frustration and cause for embarrassment among constituents.”
— Editorial, Durhamregion.com

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10 thoughts on Bev Oda

  1. re.
    — Chantal Havard, head of government relations and communications at the Canadian Council for International Co-operation – sorry Chantal, I don’t like Odour but she MUST be more accountable to the taxpayer than to anyone in a foreign country. Give your head a shake.

    • You really don’t understand the context of this statement, do you? Perhaps you should look what she was supposed to be doing as Canada’s foreign aid minister.

  2. The P.M. fired her from cabinet / ‘she resigned her seat'(a disgraced minister?)

    • and will still get her pension!

      • More than $700,000, I read.

  3. This comment was deleted.

    • No need for name calling – we can’t all be botox beautiful. . .

      • A botox bitch with access to bountiful taxpayers cash.. Bogus.. BAD, A Bandit with Burglary tendacies. BEGGARLY PATHETIC is what she is! Not name calling… just the TRUTH!

      • That’s right – no need for name calling. However, the shot of her with the shades on having a smoke behind the Parliament buildings is eerily reminiscent
        of Roy Orbison. Happily, our Prime Sinister has turfed her.

  4. Another typical thieving politician. Good riddance, make room for your thieving politician replacement.

    • And you say this based on what personal knowledge? Oh, none… Just an email from your attack dog masters? Or are you so naive as to not really understand that there’s the fog of politics in Ottawa and the sexist, racist opposition went after a hardworking Minister who sought to change things? Do you not know the lobbying industry in Ottawa that exists to keep things as they are? Or are you paid by them?

      • Misuse of public funds is arguably a form of theft. She has admitted to doing this. Her record on other things (see ^NOT kerfuffle) is not the greatest either.

        “sexist, racist opposition”? You want to back that up with some facts? She was attacked on her record; are you suggesting she should get a free ride because she’s not a white male?

  5. Mhmm, this reads like the USA political soap opera – but, who does their Administration fire? No one! In Canada, ALL elected politicians expenses should be monitored monthly – no excuses for over-billing or misuse to be allowed. Undoubtedly, in past years and administrations this happened frequently. But, in this case, the consequences were adroitly administered. Unfortunately, Ms Oda didn’t understand the rules of this particular game.

  6. Why is no one mentioning the fact that she forged documents and then lied to Parliament about it. This is the true scandal–she is an un democratic liar.

    • So true. People are focusing on the trivial and ignoring the substantive just as the government wants them to do.

    • She didn’t forge anything. It was her document. She was the Minister. The bureaucracy takes orders from her, not the other way around.

      It’s the Parliamentary Press Gallery that lives an Alice in Wonderland experience geared to confuse. It has apparently done so.

      • She most certainly did falsify documents.

      • The bureaucracy takes orders from her, true.

        Changing a document after it has been signed, however, is falsifying the document, no matter how much right she had to order the other people who had signed to change their minds.

        If you sign a cheque and then someone changes the amount without your knowledge, even if you later consent to the change, that’s still a forged cheque, and still a crime.

    • Doesn’t that apply to virtually every Conservative?

  7. It’s kind of sad that the most patently ridiculous statement in that collection comes from the editorial board of the Globe & Mail, once the most respected media outlet in the country. We know why Mr. Harper is misrepresenting the truth but why in hell would the Globe & Mail join him in his revisionist spinning? Harper holds _some_ people to some highly idiosyncratic definition of accountability while people like Christian Paradis, Tony Clement, Dean Del Mastro, John Baird and Vic Toews are protected tooth and nail.

    For the Globe & Mail to abandon it’s own integrity in this way is quite incredible. What happened to that paper? Are they hoping to get the CBC’s funding?

  8. What a waste of time and effort by Hildebrandt. He does not know how long Oda will live so his calculation is probably wrong. Rather than wasting time on an assinine calculation, why not try and do something useful> He has suceeded in making the Canadian Taxp[ayers Association look just as wasteful as Oda and perhaps more stupid.

  9. Oda served well, reduced Canada’s spending to wastrel NGOs, carefully boosted Canada’s support of the most needy in Africa and was picked on without mercy by the leechy aid groups and groupies who lost their funding. Her travails are the very picture of sexist, racist character assassination. She cared where taxpayer dollars were spent and when she turned off taps they turned on her. Beware the tides that march all over you if you dare stop funding pet groups.

    Oda travelled the world for Canada, spent countless hours in airplanes and locked in boring meeting rooms and at the age of 68 (just before her resignation date) she is being treated like this? Shame. Shame.

    • Party above country for ever and always, CPC hacks.

    • is this the latest Con-Bot ? or is it just one of the usual ones in disguise?

      • Pretty sure it’s Bev Oda.

    • I don’t know that I’d go so far as to call Harper a racist, but there is little doubt that he’s a sexist, even a misogynist. The evidence of that is pretty clear. I don’t have much love for the guy, but I won’t join you in calling him a racist without actual proof.

    • Pierre! How’ve you been? Those EC chumps haven’t caught up to you I trust?

  10. Last year she stated that a maternity hospital was to be built in Gonaives, Haiti. This was done during her infamous “no” period and was a sham because this government had had the hospital on the books for at least 4 years. They even had a Canadian government sign on the future site but according to friends, that’s all that has happened. Tenders have been sent out for a site coordinator but ‘no action.’
    So much for ‘Canadian aid’ to Haiti.

    • You just proved those three were open and transparent about their spending. I bet they never bought a $16 orange juice, on or off the public dime, in their lives.

      Oda was not transparent, she tried to hide her lavish spending using public funds. And she was never NDP or Liberal leader, either.

      Try again?

  11. With Fantino taking her place now, she won’t look so bad in comparison to what’s ahead for us.

  12. She had to go… A smoker! Such a bad image. Right up there with the sex offenders. Doesnt matter what she did or didnt do as minister. A smoker has no rights!

  13. And now she collects a $52k pension for 8 years of ripping off taxpayers. 30 years in the military and my pension isn’t even close to that. Brutal!