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11-year-old Montrealer signs with Ferrari

Lance Stroll described as a “natural talent” on the racing track


Even though he’s five years away from getting even a temporary driver’s license, 11-year-old Lance Stroll has already been made a member of Ferrari’s elite driving team. The not-even-teenaged Montrealer was recently signed by the Ferrari Driver Academy based on his impressive results in national karting races. Stroll’s father Lawrence is among the richest men in Canada and is an avid collector of pricey Ferraris. Lance, described as a “natural talent,” will now be the youngest of the 12 drivers recruited by the storied automaker, which aims to groom its prodigies into top-notch F1 racers.

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11-year-old Montrealer signs with Ferrari

  1. Finally!!
    A Canadian F1 prospect. Maybe in 7-10 years we will have someone to cheer for.
    More importantly the signing shows that the F1 teams (at least Ferrrari anyway) are keeping their eyes on Canadian motorsport.
    F1 gets short shrift in North America, pity, it's turning out to be the best season in many years.
    (Go Mark Webber)
    I'll be avoiding the TV this weekend, Canadian coverage is a joke. I'll wait the extra few hours and download the BBC coverage, best in the world. They also broadcast the practices, something that our TV should be doing, for the real fans.

  2. I wonder how many other talented young drivers out there that DON’T come from a rich family to go to these driving schools for the chance to be discovered.

  3. Well, go figure. Daddy owns the track at Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Whether the kid is that talented or not, I’m sure Daddy’s money and affiliation with racing has bought the little darling a spot. Let’s hope he doesn’t turn into the arrogant, pompous a$$ that his father is (and I speak of this first hand, from his antics as the owner of the track and the subsequent manipulation of the track sched. and racers that we had already bought and paid for – all so he could enter the race at the last minute, but after he decided to play golf in the morning. The entire schedule was changed at the last minute for the whim of his golf game.)