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12 arrests made in the UK over suspicion of a terror attack

Counter-terrorism detectives feared a Christmas-related plot


Twelve people have been arrested by counter-terrorism detectives in the UK due to fears of a Christmas bombing attack on British soil. According to police, the men, aged between 17 and 28, were held in Birmingham, Cardiff, London and Stoke-on-Trent on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism. After the arrests, police began searches at several properties, with detectives and forensic experts looking for evidence of materials that could be used to make bombs. The counter-terrorism operation targeting some of those arrested had been under way for some time, and is described as “significant”. The government’s assessment of the risk of a terrorist attack in the UK remains at “severe” ­ the second-highest level ­ meaning an incident is seen as highly likely.


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12 arrests made in the UK over suspicion of a terror attack

  1. The Islamic Republik of Britain has become a net exporter of terror to the world, we should have expected that when Britons hold protest signs that say "Death to those who insult Islam" etc. Civilized countries should consider turning a critical eye to any people or aircraft that originate there.

    • Where are you from imbecile….. Blackburn? You are ill educated and VERY ill informed… be careful who you insult.

      • Britons were carrying signs that said "Death to those who insult Islam" etc, the entire world saw the pictures, so obviously that's not the 'insult' you're talking about, no one forced Britons to carry those signs.

        Is it the 'Islamic Republik of Britain' part that is an insult?

        That's just a projection of future reality, the most common name for boys in the UK is Mohammed, so give it 20 years and it's reality.
        If you think that's an insult then obvioiusly you need to be forced by your government to take sensitivity and diversity training programs so that you will think correctly and accept what all Britons have voted to accept.

        • "so give it 20 years and it's reality. "

          20 years!?! It is a reality NOW. They just have to come out and saw it is so and that will be that. For now it is just an issue of denial.

          And please ignore that mullah Dee. It is not worth wasting ur breath and energy on.

          • say it is so….not "saw" it is so. Sorry about the typo.

  2. And on and on it goes. Security authorities have a tolerable failure rate of zero. Terrorist scum have an acceptable (to them) success rate of non-zero.

  3. We have been witnessing the hatching of systemic brain washing and teachings of children and adults in the middle east and persian countries how to hate and hate really well. Once they immigrate, some of these people carry with them a damaged psyche. Watch how they did it:

    • They are disturbing videos, but thank you for posting it.

  4. It is time for the governments of the West to really examine what is going on in their countries, and take action to stop the continuing rise of terrorism. If it means banning or deporting Muslims who are considered a threat, or even suspected of causing/believing in violence, to just carry it out and forget about political correctness.

  5. What is going on with Brittain, it's becoming so whimpy and a joke. There are so many videos that could nail many of those islamic supremacists in their soil, but nothing has been done. Churchill and the dead who fought for its freedom would have been heaving and turning on their grave witnessing its politicians, judges, and military handing their country to seditionists and Islamic supremacists in a hand basket without a fight (appeasement), and in most cases with hefty welfare cheques.

  6. Just heard that these guys are all out on bail now. So what's up with that?
    If this case is so serious, why the bail? Is the judicial system that gutless?

    • Not gutless. Just useless. The mullahs use it like a cheap made-in-china toy. No one is willing to stand up and update the legal system anywhere in the world where the situation REQUIRES them. No one is willing to acknowledge that CHANGES in social dynamics call for those changes. So the mullahs are free to do what they want and we can just sit and watch. If you look at all the laws in the free world, almost everything goes against the victims and protects the culprits.

  7. I feel bad for regular ( read- White,established) Britons for what's happened to their Country and British Culture since they opened up the floodgates to mass Immigration. They've lost their identity and Culture and don't stand a chance of ever getting it back. Politicians and "Rights" organizations have done this.Unforgivable really.Britain will never be the same as it used to be and that's sad. Really sad that's it's starting to happen here too.
    Greg In Cambridge

  8. I would consider rounding them all up and dumping them on another planet. However, I can not justify to myself the act of inflicting them on another world. :-(

  9. There is little hope for Britain. However, have a look at us.
    For example, LCBO refuses to print the word Christmas in its colourful, expensive and wasteful booklets. Christmas is nowhere on display in the stores. This outfit admittedly practises political correctness and social responsibility (whatever that means). It is totally against Canadian established culture. We are killing ourselves and leaving the place wide open for moslem takeover. We are the fools – the liberals, the multiculturalists, the politically correct non-thinkers.