At least 12 die in Colorado cinema massacre

Suspect identified as James Holmes of North Aurora, Colorado


Ed Andrieski/AP Photo

UPDATE: The suspect in the shootings has been identified as James Holmes, of North Aurora, Colorado, according to ABC news.

Police in the Denver suburb of Aurora, Colorado, said that 14 people at least 12 people had been killed and at least 50 more injured when a gunman opened fire in a theatre during a midnight premiere of the new movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

Many of the dead are children; Fox affiliate KDVR is reporting that at least one of the victims is an infant, shot at point-blank range.

According to early eyewitness accounts, a man in his early 20s, masked and dressed in body armour, appeared at the front of the theatre and released a canister of gas that caused moviegoers to choke and cough.

He then began shooting with at least two weapons, a sidearm and a long gun, when people began to flee. Amidst the chaos, a fleeing suspect was captured behind the Century 16 Theatre.

He is said to be cooperating with police and has apparently warned them that his car and his Aurora apartment are booby-trapped with explosives.

Note: an earlier report from the scene said 14 people had been killed.


At least 12 die in Colorado cinema massacre

  1. Unfortunately there are a lot of mentally ill people out there.

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  3. just wanting to go see a movie isnt safe anymore hope this scum gets death penalty

  4. This was a tragic event, and one that should push Americans (and Canadians) to rethink their gun laws.
    Gun control, on its own, can’t stop mass killings. But mass killings perpetrated with semi-automatic weapons that have large magazines are often an order of magnitude worse than those undertaken with weapons like the AR-15 used in Aurora. The Scarborough Block Party, the Eaton’s Center Shooting and the death of Jane Creba were all tragic – but at least they had relatively low numbers of people killed/injured compared to Ultoya (mini-14), Aurora (AR-15), or Columbine (various weapons). Is there any legitimate civilian use for automatic or semi-automatic weapons, to warrant the risk of mass-killings?
    And yes, I recognize that criminals can still get access to guns despite restrictions. But it is partly a matter of which criminals get guns. Gang-bangers will probably still get guns in any event (and they prefer concealable weapons which are less conducive to mass killings), but would James Holmes have been similarly able to acquire guns illegally? He’s a [possibly mentally ill] anti-social grad school dropout with no connections to the criminal world.
    There’s the old argument of pro-gun folks that if you ban guns, people will use knives. But at the end of the day if I was running out of a crowded theater to escape a crazed lunatic, I’d much rather he have a knife than an AR-15.

    • James Holmes only very recently dropped out of grad school after completing a gruelling 3 hour oral exam. He was in a very prestigous program studying neurosciences and was one of only six in the program that received a scholarship from a national health study program. He was applying for a job in a lab as a technician and described himself as a scientist of sorts. Meanwhile, he had been getting guns and ammo online for at least the last four months. By the sounds of things he has alot in common with the unibomber….academically brilliant; very seclusive; possibly delusional and paranoid; organized and focused. Perhaps it would be apparent in meeting him that he was mentally ill but online, one likely would have no idea. That is why this online ordering is very questionable. It is also very unfortunate that these guns with large magazines and rapid firing capabilities continue to be make available to citizens under the guise of being appropriate for hunting. It is absolutely ludicrous. Unfortunately the American people do not seem to have an appetite for real change to the rules of gun ownership in their country. As for Canada, I have never appreciated the reason for owning a handgun. If people do insist on having one, why not mandate that they have to remain locked in a secure locker at the shooting range they belong to. I think that is a fair trade-off. Then there would be no question that the guns were being kept in a secure location. There also would be no need for owners to call police when they are transporting the guns to and from the shooting range. That also would eliminate handguns as an instrument of muder in any domestic violence situations. End of story.

  5. Scary that Raymond of Canada is out amunst us here in Canada. You see America, we have our share of physchos too. Raymond, please go get some help or a short rope and a wabbly chair. You know the drill from there you nutbar. Sorry, U.S.A. for this assh%#@s remarks.

  6. How did this freak get in the theater?

  7. Im from england and there is no such thing as being allowed to own guns and the evidence shows we do not produce lunatics like this. Its a bad place to be but america is out of control with there beliefs on owning guns. Why and what do u need a gun for exactly??? Terrible news!!

    • In Canada we have wild animals such as bears, cougars and mountain lions. They attack the livestock like cattle so ranchers must own long guns to protect their livestock. People also hunt moose and deer and elk in Canada. Hunters keep the populations down so that they remain healthy as too high of deer, moose and elk populations lead to lack of food for them to eat, starvation and sickness in the herds.
      As for handguns, there is really no good reason for them. People like to go to shooting ranges and use them for sport.
      As for England not producing ‘lunatics’. Some of the people who have killed others have suffered from psychosis. I can guarantee you that you have people in England who suffer from psychosis. My guess is some of them have injured others by stabbing them and otherwise attacking them brutally.

  8. Last report from Denver news is 12 dead and 59 injured. Gunman used an AR 15, a Shotgun and 2 Glock pistols. Gunman got into the theater by buying a ticket, then going out through a back entrance and propped the door open where he went to his car (parked beside the door) and dressed in armor and armed himself and then came back into the theater.
    Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this tragedy.

  9. A wicked man indeed. A greater enemy still is they who seek to disarm us, we cannot leave our safety to government.