15 dead in Pakistani protests


Pakistan is the latest country to erupt over the portrayal of the prophet Muhammad in an amateur American film. At least 15 people were killed on Friday, a Muslim day of prayer, as protests in other Islamic countries remained peaceful, Reuters reports.

In France, the government has gone as far as to ban all protests over the movie, or recent cartoons of the Prophet which were published in France.

Across Pakistan, tens of thousands of people in several cities were encouraged to protest by their government. The bloodiest unrest erupted in Karachi, where 10 people were killed, and more than 100 wounded as protesters rioted, and set buildings on fire. In the city of Mardan, police said a Christian church was targeted and set on fire, although no one was killed.

The U.S. embassy in Pakistan has been under tight surveillance, and they have run television ads clarifying that the American government had nothing to do with the film about Mohammad.

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15 dead in Pakistani protests

  1. Why are Western leaders apologizing to that scum instead of adding extra security on the borders and putting in an immediate moratorium on all new immigration? It’s not like they can control every single thing that every citzen does to make sure it doesn’t offend Islam. They can, however, minimize the extent of Islamist infiltration into N. America and W. Europe. Why don’t they?

  2. Way to go U.S.A. ! Pander to these latter day Nazis rather than stand up to them! Barack “Neville Chamberlain” Obama plays apologist while radicals call for westerners skulls. Do you really think this is going to placate them? It will just wet their appetites for more. American, Canadian, French it doesn’t matter. To radical islamists, you are an infidel and that carries a death sentence.

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