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17 killed in Afghanistan after attending party

Taliban members slaughter party-goers


15 men and two women were found beheaded slain in Afganistan on Monday, Reuters reports. The victims were killed by Taliban members after attending a mixed-sex party with music and dancing in Helmand province

Under Taliban rule, the social mingling of men and women was illegal, and continues to be vehemently opposed in the country. While some rules have been relaxed since the Taliban lost power in 2001, flirting and public displays of affection are condemned and parties involving men and women are secretive affairs.

Earlier this year, Taliban gunmen killed 20 people at a hotel near Kabul, claiming the hotel was known for wild parties and was full of “pimps and whores.”

The governor of Helmand has sent investigators to the site of the killings.

Update: An earlier version of this story said the victims were beheaded; The Guardian reports their throats were slit. There are also conflicting reports about the motive behind the killings, which was initially reported to be punishment for attending the party.

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17 killed in Afghanistan after attending party

  1. sounds like the party i was at on saturday night ..

  2. We have made a difference, 15 deaths gets one joke comment.

  3. Nuke these F………..king ANIMALS and be done. STOP wsting money & lives on these Sadists……………………………………..!!!!

    • and by that logic nuke any US state that has another mass shooting? get a grip.

  4. What a bunch of party poopers. This will really hurt tourism.

  5. Stupid…..Just Stupid…..

  6. I’m tired of all of this religious doctrine bullshit and honor killings. I’m really just sick of it. But what makes it worse is that no one understands what the hell is going on with this stuff.

    • You are absolutely correct that nobody understands what the heck is going on, we should never have gotten involved in any of this.
      There is a reason Afghanistan is called the “Graveyard of Empires”

  7. Meanwhile the US has to apologize for any perceived slight to Islam.

    • What the Taliban did is atrocious, but you are deeply confused. How many innocent people do you think have been killed by bombs and bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan?
      Hundreds of thousands.
      That’s not a “slight to Islam”.
      It’s murder.
      Apologies are in order.

  8. Hedo! I dew belit dat day dersb freedom from dat ballibon.

  9. Another prime example of what a Muslim America will become if Obama gets another 4 years to entrench his ” Fundamentally Change America” view of the U.S.A.

    • I agree. Remove the
      Taliban and Obama.

    • That statement has no basis in reality. Nuttier than an Oh! Henry Bar.

  10. This regime is a UN problem, and its past time for the US to get out and wash their hands with that rock country! Unless we are protecting poppy’s for the Medical Industry, there is no other reason to be there. Get a clue Us Government and bring um home! All of them.

  11. +`1 internets if u successfully throw a rave in the Stan sand

  12. Nice of you (macleans) to delete my post because I simply expressed my opinion. I still believe the whole thing is just STUPID.

  13. Shocking news. A good reason to kill the Taliban. A
    mixed-sex party is a normal relationship.

  14. must have been a rainbow party cause everyone got head

  15. What else can we expect from a society that has absolutely no connect with the One God. Take note my friends that when the Christ Jesus is absent man takes matters into his own hands, creates his own gods and follows the dictates of the world. Take heart though He IS Coming SOON……..are you ready?

    • meh.. don’t care… I prefer to treat people well because that’s what I like to do, not because I believe in (a) god.

      • Wonderful that you like to treat people well…….shame that the beheaders don’t think like you, and though you don’t believe in Him, take heart, He believes in you and simply waits for you to turn to Him……Be Joyfull !

  16. what is this land called afghanistan never heard of it . it sounds exotic.

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  18. the only good muslim is a dead muslim.