2 dead, 19 injured in Toronto shooting


A gunfight in Toronto has killed 2 people and injured 19 more, including two pregnant women and a three-year-old. Police suspect at least two shooters. The incident occurred on Monday night in Scarborough where around 200 people had gathered for a block party. More people were injured in trampling.

Toronto’s police chief said “I’ve been a cop for 35 years and this is the worst incident of gun violence in my memory anywhere in North America,” the Globe and Mail reports. “I think every citizen in Toronto will be shaken up by what has transpired here in Toronto tonight.”

A female teenager and man in his early 20s died in the shooting. It is not clear why so many bullets were fired into the crowd. The neighbourhood party had only begun shortly before the shooting.

This is the 6th shooting of the year in the 43rd Division in Toronto. These were the 27th and 28th homicides.

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2 dead, 19 injured in Toronto shooting

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