TSA officer dead after shooting at LAX, multiple people injured


A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer was killed after a gunman armed with a rifle opened fire at the Los Angeles airport Friday.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the suspect was shot by police and that officials are not releasing any more information on his condition at this time. Six additional people were transported to hospital, says the report.

The suspect in the shooting was a ticketed passenger who pulled a rifle out of a bag near a security checkpoint, reports CNN. The report says the shooting happened in Terminal 3.

Tory Belleci, one of the cast members from the television show Mythbusters, described the scene at the airport on Twitter.

“Heard gun shots then everyone starting running for the door. Not sure if anyone was hurt,” he said in a tweet.

And, in another tweet, he said: “We are being shuttled away from the terminal now. Eye witness said the shooter had an assault riffle.”

Flights were grounded at the airport, which is one of the busiest in North America.

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TSA officer dead after shooting at LAX, multiple people injured

  1. A dangerous a salt ruffle?

  2. ‘Assault Rifle’ is a dashing media term for a semiauto (pull the trigger each time to fire a round), .223 Remington long gun, with a black plastic pistol grip stock, instead of a plain old wooden one. Just like a vanilla Honda Civic becomes a deadly ‘street-racing sports car,’ with the edition of stripes and a spoiler. There are tens of thousands of these rifles up here in Canada, used by hunters (up to deer) and ranchers, farmers for predator control.

    Let’s admit that the likeliest possibility is another Nidal Hasan. The Obama Administration–which is playing nice with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood–will try to spin this into a gun control issue, but the politically incorrect truth remains. And Canada isn’t immune, as the past examples of Gamil Gharbi (Google the name) and the recent case of Mohammoud Jimale graphically illustrate.

  3. Gun problem in the US? What gun problem? Ridiculous gun control laws (or lack thereof)…

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