2013 Ford Escape 1.6 litre recalled due to risk of engine fire


Ford is telling owners of their 2013 Escape with a 1.6-litre engine to stop driving immediately.

The top-selling SUV in the United States is being recalled due to the risk of engine fire, Reuters reports. Ford recalled approximately 11,500 of these models, 4,800 of which were sold to customers in North America. The risk is so high, that the company is asking owners to call for a loaner vehicle instead of driving the vehicle themselves to a dealership. “It is extremely rare for an automaker to warn drivers to stop driving their vehicles immediately,” the report says.

The four-cylinder engines pose a danger because fuel lines can crack and spill gasoline, which could result in engine fire, writes the CBC.

Only three fires have been reported thus far, and there have been no injuries, according to CNN.

Ford Escapes from previous model years, those from 2013 with different engine types, and other Ford vehicles with 1.6-litre engines are unaffected.

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