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20th World Falun Dafa Day on the Hill





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20th World Falun Dafa Day on the Hill

  1. Rumors Cannot Save Falun Gong

    Falun Gong organizations have been
    constantly going all out to fabricate rumors. Recently they put all of their
    media organizations into full-capacity operation, endlessly wholesaling all
    kinds of rumors. Some internet users said that news reports which were
    published by Falun Gong media outlets and were finally confirmed as rumors were
    either directly fabricated by Falun Gong media or false stories reproduced by
    the Falun Gong media.

    The rumor-fabrication history of Falun Gong
    organizations revealed that every time when major events happened to China
    and the Chinese Communist Party, they will intensify their efforts to take
    advantage of the opportunity to make trouble through fabricating and
    disseminating rumors. They wrapped lies as “facts” and turned
    surmises into “actual occurrences”. Their purpose is to unsettle
    people’s mind, sow discord, confuse people and create disturbances.

    Fabricating rumors and causing trouble are
    the housekeeping skills of the Falun Gong cult. Falun Gong organizations
    fabricated lies to deceive and confuse people and undermine social stability.
    While Falun Gong’s act of fabricating rumors is shameful, other people
    spreading such rumors are also disgraceful. Some people spread rumors out of
    curiosity, wishing only to follow the herd; some people regard themselves as
    “informed sources”, swinging at shadows. Other people spread rumors
    because of their lack of legal awareness, assuming the law will fail when
    violators are legion. While people who spread rumors may not be ill-willed,
    they are in practice abetting the ill-doers by forwarding comments on certain
    internet placards, which has the effect of “second-time transmission (of
    the false information)”.

    Obviously lies can not save the Falun Gong
    cult, but we should improve our own ability to distinguish right from wrong so
    as to avoid being deceived unknowingly.