Rob Ford skips meeting of 'big city mayors' -

Rob Ford skips meeting of ‘big city mayors’


It was hard not to miss who was missing at the “big city mayors” meeting in Saskatoon.

The caucus gathered on Thursday in Saskatoon at the start of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference.

Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi was there. So too Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson and eight other top guns from Vancouver to St. John’s.

But as the Toronto Star is reporting, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was a no-show.

“I don’t go to FCM,” Ford advised reporters in the days before the summit. “Since when do I go to the FCM?”

In a conference call after their talks, the mayors said they’d agreed that in order to reverse decline the municipalities need a bigger share of the tax dollar from the federal government.

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Rob Ford skips meeting of ‘big city mayors’

  1. At what looks like 300 pounds Blob Ford could have been the biggest at the “big city mayors” meetup.

  2. Ummmm…. since you got elected mayor?

  3. I think it was bad judgement not to attend, but I understand the decision. There are lots of events like this one that are dominated by one political group or another, and it’s not necessarily useful to attend when you know your views are very different. In the case of FCM, it’s dominated by people who want more money from the federal government, something that goes against Ford’s mantra.

    Still, a great mayor would take the opportunity to speak and listen, even if he didn’t agree.

  4. He somehow thought it was the Fat Mayors Conference and was afraid he might not be the fattest?

  5. So they agreed that cities need more federal assistance. Wonderful. We all know that. Shame on Harper government for turning a blind eye to big city problems that they could ameliorate. Blob Ford asked for more money and got nowhere. Big surprise. Of course he is scornful of such meetings. He doesn’t have the stature to envision his role in the big picture.