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27 dead in Christmas Island tragedy

A boat carrying asylum seekers sinks off Australia


A boat carrying asylum seekers sank off Christmas Island this morning, killing 27 people. Of the some 70 people on board, 41 have been rescued, while another man made it to shore by himself. Rescuers plan to continue the search for further bodies. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced she will put her holiday on hold and go back to work to oversee the disaster. “This has been a tragic event, and it will be some time before there is a full picture of what has happened,” she said.

Sydney Morning Herald

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27 dead in Christmas Island tragedy

  1. I'm sure there will be much blame on western countries for "not doing enough". We seem to be resposible for anyone who lands or even apporaches our shores. Asylum seekers are notoriously fussy about what countries they seek asylum in, often bypassing numerous safe havens in their quest to gain illegal entry into Australia or Canada. They were the ones who made the choice, and if they lost their lives, it was their own doing.

    • yeah thats right but we all want a better life, no risk no reward