Tough times. Eat a Big Mac. -

Tough times. Eat a Big Mac.

During the worst economic crisis in decades, McDonald’s is thriving


The first half of the decade wasn’t kind to McDonald’s. Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation was flying off the shelves; Morgan Spurlock was documenting himself getting sick from its food; and the fast-food chain was fighting off lawsuits from people who claimed its food had made them obese. To top it off, a shortage of well-trained staff caused by McDonald’s rapid expansion strategy—it was opening up to 2,000 new restaurants a year—was leaving its existing outlets in increasingly dire shape. But, somehow, the burger chain survived it all. And now, in the midst of the worst economic crisis in decades, McDonald’s is thriving. The return of the penny-pinching customer has something to do with McDonald’s recent success, but it’s only part of the story. The chain has also re-focused its efforts on drawing clients back to existing restaurants by making them more attractive and improving the quality of its food.

The New York Times

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Tough times. Eat a Big Mac.

  1. I have know idea how anyone could possibly find that crap cheap. For what it costs for a family of four to go there and poison themselves I can go to any grocery store, buy enough real food for several meals for all of us and even squeeze in a modest bottle of wine. MacDonald’s cheap? Only if you are functionally illiterate.

  2. except wayne, it costs almost the same to make for one at the local safeway….and that sir is where the difference is

    individualism and single life are the norm now.

    • ya I can still cook meals for one, freeze or refridgerate many more and still eat a hell of a lot more cheaply than eating MacDonald ‘s garbage. People are just too lazy to take the time. All it seems people in their teens and twenties can do now is text message endlessly about nothing, having never read a book, or play video games. I guess it’s too much to ask that they shop wisely, cook for themselves, hell most people these days can’t operate a can opener.

      • Quite right, wayne. The one thing is that if you buy just the sandwich it’s probably cheaper than any other fast food meal — except, I hasten to add, Tim Horton’s. Of course, a Bic Mac is of highly questionable nutritional value, not just in terms of sugar, etc., but in terms of how little actual energy you get from it. It’s sort of a meal chocolate bar. In fact I may go get one now.

        • Timmy’s is my one indulgence. I do tend to stick to some sort of whole grain muffin and a med black coffee. Quite a bargain these days at 1.99(shameless plug for Horton’s…lol)

  3. Why go all the way to McDonalds when you can just go to the fridge and eat butter?

    • I suspect you would be better off eating straight butter, as Mac’s would be more like eating lard laced with toxic waste and chemicals. The last time I ever had a Big Mac(likely 10 years ago), I swear to God I felt like I was drugged.