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’30 Rock’ mocks Canada

Tina Fey does for hockey and the Junos what she did for Sarah Palin


Broadway performer Cheyenne Jackson’s recurring role on the NBC Tina Fey comedy 30 Rock, in which he plays Danny, a Canadian singer not unlike Michael Bublé, brought to American television audiences mention of the Ottawa Senators, hockey “psych-up” songs and the Junos this week. And yes, it was all at our expense. Danny has already admitted he has trouble pronouncing “about.”

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’30 Rock’ mocks Canada

  1. The psych-up song included something about the Bank of Nova Scotia. Nice touch.

    • Scotiabank Place is the name of our building the Sens play in

  2. Is this really and truly a "need to know" story? Sure, it was a funny joke, but certainly not the best in the episode, and I thought the Canadian ribbing was on-point and light-hearted – not something to be printed about in a National publication! Must be a slow news day…

  3. Mocks? Lighten up.

  4. I thought it was hilarious…30-Rock is an excellent sitcom. Too bad most people can't keep up with the machine gun of wit! ;)