State police release thermal images shot from helicopter during Friday’s manhunt


Massachusetts State Police released a handful of images gathered during Friday night’s manhunt in Watertown. During a news conference after the capture of suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a representative of the force explained how a helicopter detected the suspect using a forward looking infrared device.

The images released today appear to show a body on the floor of the craft:

State police release thermal images from manhunt

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From State Police Air Wing Watertown manhunt.Please credit MSP for pics.Unk which police agency shown.4of 5 pics pic.twitter.com/Q6GGwRJrRUMASS STATE POLICE
Photos taken from State Police Air Wing on Watertown manhunt.Please credit MSP for pics. pic.twitter.com/7vthBhxARBMASS STATE POLICE
Wow. Incredible heat thermal photo from @MassStatePolice of the boat with suspect 2 in it. pic.twitter.com/1DBtRlNgZ3Michael Skolnik
Air Wing views from Watertown manhunt. 5 total pics released.No further info available tonight on pictures pic.twitter.com/2k94oQNF98MASS STATE POLICE

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State police release thermal images shot from helicopter during Friday’s manhunt

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