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4-year-old girl sobs over presidential election in viral video


Four-year old Abigael is just tired of “Bronco Bamma” and Mitt Romney.

A Youtube video posted by Elizabeth Evans, which shows her daughter sobbing about too much presidential election, has gone viral since it was posted Tuesday, netting more than 1.5 million views in just three days.

Don’t worry, Abigael, it will all be over by next Tuesday. (Please, no one tell this kid about how long it took George W. Bush to officially win his first term.)

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4-year-old girl sobs over presidential election in viral video

  1. Uhh I think you mean his first term, when he ran against Al Gore. He destroyed John Kerry in the second election.

    • Considering that the article states quite plainly, “…his first term.” I’m quite sure that’s what the writer meant.

      • You cannot email here…nor can “Spamers”…

  2. I think we all feel like that haha.

    • Yeah, especially at this point …2 years of campaigning fergawdsake….everyone will be relieved when it’s over!

      • What do you mean 2 years? You mean since 1787, they’ve been nonstop campaigning.

        • Well that’s true….they’re always electing SOMEthing down there. Right down to dogcatchers.

      • Oh yup, I need a new hobby!

  3. “Bronco Bamma” Really? Oh, that’s right you’re Canadian; forgive me for thinking you might know how to spell our President’s name.

    • It was clearly in reference to the way the girl pronounces the name, not how the author actually thinks it’s spelled

    • That’s how the little girl pronounces it, you idiot. Do you really think Canadians are stupid enough to not know who the hell Barack Obama is!

    • Gar, that’s what the child calls him — that is why the name is in quotes.

    • She’s only 4. What do you expect? Don’t blame her, I bet you couldn’t spell the President’s name when you were 4.

  4. Hey Gar…guess those quotation marks weren’t clear enough for you. You do know what quotation marks are, right? ;)
    Now, quick…who’s our prime minister?

  5. @Gar Travis: You stupid sh!t. Put a Canadian flag on your luggage and take a vacation.

  6. Really its a four years girl or her Mom’s message?