52 Haitian children arrive on Wednesday - Macleans.ca

52 Haitian children arrive on Wednesday

Government fulfills promise to fast-track Canadian adoptions


Wednesday at 1 p.m. ET, a plane from Haiti will touch down at Ottawa International Airport. On board: 52 Haitian children whose adoptions were fast-tracked by the Canadian government, in light of this month’s tragic earthquake in Port-au-Prince. The first plane carrying Haitian children arrived on Sunday. In total, 90 adoption proceedings have been cleared by Haitian authorities. The rest of the children will be arriving in Ottawa shortly to meet their Canadian families. Last week, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney pledged to “extract” Haitian children whose Canadian adoptions were already underway.

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52 Haitian children arrive on Wednesday

  1. So.. two questions arise from this:

    What got bumped for these Haitian kids?
    Why does it take devastation on a massive scale to make things move — the conditions in Haiti weren't bad enough before to justify it?