8:0 Should men’s hockey be an Olympic sport?


Canada women’s coach Mel Davidson—who’s gone to lengths to try to explain that lopsided scores in early tournament play aren’t unique to the women’s game—should be happy with Canada’s lopsided win over Norway tonight.

Davidson says she’s received emails calling Canada—who beat Switzerland by a nine-goal differential last night—“classless,” and “disrespectful.”

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8:0 Should men’s hockey be an Olympic sport?

  1. I've never understood the antagonism towards doing well in the Olympics in team sports. Goal differential matters, there's incentive to crush the other team. Besides, is pandering or taking things lightly more respectful? I don't think so, it means that these teams aren't being taken seriously and makes it harder for them to see what's necessary to improve.

    If Canadians were being rude, showboating or demeaning to the other team's players, that's another thing, but simply winning by the highest possible margin is hardly classless – it's exactly what they should be doing.

  2. I do not understand how crushing another team is considered classless. The Canadians have to treat every game as if they were playing against say Sweden or the United States. It is ridiculous to be upset the
    better team beat the significantly worse team by a lot. It is to be expected.

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