$720 million of programs and operations to be cut this year

Agencies affected include federal nuclear safety watchdog, public health agency


The federal government is cutting $720 million worth of programs and operations this year, including those belonging to sensitive agencies. The cuts are part of a total of $10.4 billion in federal spending reductions this fiscal year, most of which are the result of the end of recession-fighting infrastructure programs. Agencies affected by the program cuts or reductions include the federal nuclear safety watchdog, the public health agency, an agency that tracks hazardous materials and a 20 per cent reduction in Environment Canada’s budget. However, nearly all the government’s public security and safety programs are seeing spending increases, such as a 21 per cent hike for the Correctional Service, bringing it to $2.98 billion.

The Hill Times

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$720 million of programs and operations to be cut this year

  1. So the agencies that are to watch for and attempt to prevent widespread, deadly disasters are cut back, but the ones that target potential smaller-scale threats are beefed up. Hurray for the police state! Guys with guns are always a great help heading off a meltdown or an epidemic…

    • It is what the Canadian people voted for, KeithBram, proving the old adage that you get the government you deserve.  My only quarrel with this is that I’m getting this government, too.

  2. Cutting the CNSC?  It’s like Fukishima never happened, or couldn’t happen again.  Must be too far back in the news cycle.

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