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A bloodied Canadian star wins playoff series

No, not in the NHL—the NBA’s Steve Nash


At this time of year Canadian sports fans are accustomed to watching star players take a beating to win playoff games. But that’s typically on the ice, not the hardwood. But Steve Nash, the astonishingly enduring 36-year-old point guard from Victoria, B.C., yesterday had to wipe away blood to lead the Phoenix Suns to a four-game sweep of the San Antonio Spurs. Nash’s key stats for the game that put the Suns into the conference finals: 20 points, 8 assists and 6 stitches. After taking an elbow to the face in the third quarter, he returned in the fourth with one eye so swollen he said he could not see out of it. In a key sequence, though, Nash connected on a 3-pointer, a 3-point play and a layup, as the Suns took an 87-82 lead with 6 minutes 36 seconds left. It was a gritty, skillful performance by the NBA’s 2005 and 2006 MVP.

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A bloodied Canadian star wins playoff series

  1. Nash was inspirational on Sunday. With the type of game he plays, it was simply amazing that he lifted his team to a win with vision in only one eye.

  2. It's the traditional Canadian hockey player mentality. Get patched up and get back out there. Any US player you can name would have watched the remainder of the game from the stands.

    Steve Nash, a true Canadian!

    • Nash was a soccer player prior to excelling in basketball. Your comment, inclusive of the anti-American jab that is totally baseless, is sadly "the traditional Canadian" response to a Canadian doing well in something other than hockey.

    • PS: he was also quite a baseball player.

    • I teared up reading that. Only a Canadian would be brave enough to risk some minor injuries for millions of dollars. God bless you Canadian heroes.

  3. No whining. Steve does whatever he needs to get the job done. Thats the spirit of canadians.

  4. Like many previous game Steve would have had even more assists if team mates had not blown many of the shots which were a result of his feeds.

  5. God, it's sooo embarrassing, and frankly more than a little old, when a Canadian feels that need to dis an American athlete or Americans in general just to feel good about themselves. If you noticed there are lots of Americans in the NHL. I don't care where you come from, nobody makes to that level without experiencing and playing with a world of hurt. Jeez, could people here grow up and just enjoy the game? You would never see Nash trash talking like that. A lot of people would do well to follow his lead.